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- VA State Police Spy Cameras

Well you really can not call them spy cameras, but it is big brother watching in the newest ways. We spotted this VA State Police vehicle in Yorktown and took some pictures of the new equipment.  

With the first picture, we can see a set of cameras on the back end of the vehicle.  Notice how they are angled out and downwards. These cameras read your license plate as you drive by or they drive by you. The camera sends the information onto the computers in the vehicles and then feeds the information into a main database and checks background information. If you have any outstanding tickets or possibly a warrant for your arrest? Your busted. The speed on the transfer is pretty fast in most cases.

Here is a closeup view of the side and back of one of the cameras. All one of the police officers has to do these days is drive through a parking lot and they can scan every vehicle amazingly fast. It's no longer a guessing game. No one has to call in for plate information. The information to the police officer is near instant.
This is a front view of the camera. Again these are mounted on each side of the rear of the vehicle on both sides. The police officer does not have to drive up and down a lane twice to read all the plates on the lot. 
Inspection overdue? They got you. Outstanding ticket somewhere?  Your busted. Late on child support? Could find yourself in a lot of trouble the moment you walk out of a store or even just drive down
the road.

Stolen plates? Your done for. Now these are not on all of the vehicles yet, but it's coming. The state police are the first to have these, but it's only a matter of time before all the locals have them as well. What is next? Face recognition technology. Cameras will scan your face and you could be identified through a central database.  Issues with that and legal nightmare cases that will come from the technology when it gets launched will be a outrageous. The high level of mis-identifications will not be pleasant. 

As police cars become more high tech, the costs for each car is becoming ridiculous. The cameras on the car above are not cheap, plus they have to be configured with custom software and then there is the central data base that covers all 50 states. We have no idea at this time if these cameras are using the regular police computer laptops in the cars or if they have a special computer they have to go through. 

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