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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dr Lianis Bidot: More On Energy Medicine

You might ask what is energy medicine and what it does. Our bodies, everything that surrounds us, the world and the universe are made of energy. Sometimes the channels through which this energy travels gets blocked or misaligned giving different symptoms in each person. Energy Medicine is one of many ways used to remove these blocks and or try to balance or align these energies.

In a routine new visit I will look at your history and discuss the most pressing problems. On that day just a simple energy treatment will be performed to let your body get used to the modality. You might notice some improvement immediately or it might take a few days. Treatments can be given weekly depending on the response of your body and how you are feeling. There are 15-20 different treatments depending on the symptoms and complaints of the client and which one is more pressing.

During a session the client might fall asleep or get very relaxed. Many can feel heat being transferred from my hands to their body and sometimes can also feel a pulsation. For the majority of the clients it is very relaxing and painless. The session itself might last 15-30 minutes.

Energy medicine can be used on people of all ages and can also be used on animals. It is not a replacement for medical care but can improve or expedite health improvement or cure. It does not require taking medications or being cut on. Just try it to see what it can do for you.

Doctor Bidot will soon be opening a church, Healing Hands Ministry, at 3682 B George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes Virginia.  Next to the Tidewater Motel in the same building as AAA Small Engine Repair.  She will be available to assist people Monday through Friday from 10 until 6 and Saturday from 10 until 2.   

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Johnny Liberty: The Real State of The Union Address

If you think this video is long, wait til you try and read the book that goes along with this.  If you want to truly understand the real state of the Union as it presently stands, you have a lot of work ahead of you.  The good news is that most of the work has already been done for you.  You do not have to do all the footwork research, but you are free to verify all of it.  What you need to do is spend the time reading and watching the above video.

  The video above is not even starting to touch on what the book contains.  The book is a long read, fascinating, infuriating and inspiring all under one cover.  It not only explains the issues, it also explains the solutions.  We are not left high and dry like most everyone else likes to leave you with just complaints.

  Solutions to the issues are given throughout the book but do not start until you have a very strong understanding of the issues.  Why should you care?  Because you have already been a victim to massive abuses and may not even be aware of just how badly you have been victimized.  There is not one person in the United States that has not been victimized by very serious abuses put forth by the system.

The Global Sovereigns Handbook from Chuck Thompson

It's all here.  The question is do you have the guts to learn the real deal?  Can you stomach how bad it all really is?  Are you willing to do something to reclaim your rights?  If you are not willing to do anything to protect and or reclaim you true rights, then don't even bother with any area of this post.  It is not for wimps.

  If you would rather watch TV and live in your own little world of bliss, by all means, that is fine.  The world is demanding slaves just like you and you fit that bill to a tee.  If on the other hand, you have the guts to stand up and say no, you are not going to take the abuses anymore, then you have found the right place to start your journey to self governance and true freedom.  It is just a matter of reclaiming it, but you better know all the angles worked out against you designed to defeat you even when you do reclaim your natural rights.

  You need to be prepared to defend your new found freedom and how to properly use that freedom and for the benefit of not only yourself, but for others as well.  We wish you either a happy journey or a happy sleep.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Are The Courts Fair? Are You Getting A Fair Trial? Can You Beat The System?

Letters To Authorities, Robert Arthur Menard 

Now all of this information comes out of Canada, however, their system really is not all that different than ours here in the US.  Our system as well as their legal system come from England.  So the differences are not all that much.

  2015 is a year we are dedicating to exploring real solutions to today's problems.  People everywhere are now pushing back from what looks like unbridled corruption at every level of government.  We will be looking at every tool we can to help as many as possible to understand what is really going on and how you may wish to protect yourself from potential harm.

  Everyone knows that there are many issue that are very wrong.  Very few can ever seem to put their fingers on what those real issues are.  We have found a number of sound arguments of what is wrong and what you can do about it.

  Other sites only complain of issues, we are dedicated to finding solutions for everyone to use.  Now that is a major difference.  When was the last time you saw the news and they showed you how to protect yourself from potential corruption?  Very rare and the solutions?  You have to question the answers they gave.

  What life used to be like in the United States no longer exists.  What happened?  Everything we used to know has been replaced with something else.  If you decide to learn the real deal, there is no turning back.  Your life will be changed forever.  We make no apologies for that.

  All of the above information is not considered legal advice or information.  That is part of the corruption in our opinion.  It may be considered lawful information when you dig through it.  What is the difference between legal and lawful?  Everything.  Time to start learning.

  We also want to take a moment to thank Robert Arthur: Menard for all of his hard work and sharing.  Robert gave us permission to re publish and share his book above.  You can download a free copy of it on our Slideshare site.  This is Robert's website where you can get more information on what is going on.  He has some free eBooks on there as well.  We signed up for his free newsletter.  Expect to see more from this man on this site.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The York Herald, Issue No 12, By Phillip Bazanni, Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors, Oct, 2014

York Herald 2014 Issue 12, Phillip Bazzani, GCBoS from Chuck Thompson

Here is the latest edition of the York Herald, Issue No. 12.  Written and produced by Phillip Bazzani,  it's a great tool for keeping area residents up to date on what our local government officials are looking at and considering or adopting.   Mr Bazzani has been kind enough to share these with us each month.

  In order to read the newsletter in larger detail, just click the box at the very bottom right hand corner to open the container into full page format.  This will make reading much easier.

Gloucester, Virginia Links and News, GVLN
Gloucester, Virginia's Best News Source

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 Anonymous "Important Message To The WORLD, Solution Found

We Can Do It poster for Westinghouse, closely ...
. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting video that is worth the time to watch.  Anonymous is an interesting group and one has to wonder if it's part of the propaganda machine or if they are truly fighting the propaganda machine.  We present this video for your consideration.  We do see value in the information in it but question some areas of it as well.  But again, what is perfect?

Gloucester, Virginia Links and News, GVLN
Gloucester, Virginia's Best News Source

Codex Alimentarius Commission, Is It A Conspiracy?

English: Template for Template:Food safety
English: Template for Template:Food safety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Codex Alimentarius, often stated to be a conspiracy and the above video is a documentary on just this.  Below we present the actual Codex Alimentarius Commission Procedural Manual that few people have ever seen.

  Our objective is not to get you to believe one side or the other.  We are simply presenting the information and allowing you to start your own research and come to your own determinations.

One more short video for anyone who does not have the time to watch the longer video above.  The arguments are very interesting to say the least.  For those wondering why people all across the globe are getting fat?  Could the answers be found here?  Cancer issues?  Are the answers also found here?  Are the people in the videos just nuts and there really is nothing to their stories?  Read the Commission Procedural Manual and decide for yourself.

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Gloucester, VA Utilities Commission Meeting Minutes, July, 2014

Gloucester Utilities Committee Meeting Minutes from Chuck Thompson

Here are the meeting minutes from the Gloucester County utilities commission.  Information not readily available to the public in the past.  Through requests we have been able to get county officials to make this information available to the public.  These types of reports help you to understand how your tax money is used.

Gloucester, Virginia Links and News, GVLN
Gloucester, Virginia's Best News Source