Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gloucester, VA History 1893 E-Book

Now here is a very rare book we have just finished editing.  Written in 1893 by Sally Nelson Robins, it has some history in this book that we were not even aware of.  Example is that in 1710, Gloucester, Virginia was the most populated and most prosperous area in all of Virginia.  Gloucester Place was the former home of President John Tyler and located right off of 

Gloucestertowne Road.  This book is a great resource not only from an historical standpoint, but also from a genealogy standpoint as well as it contains a great deal of old family names and places.  We spent a lot of time on correcting both spelling errors and punctuation errors however there are plenty of places we could not fix or where text is completely missing as well as some pictures.  If we are able to find these in the future, we will update the book.  You are welcome to download this book for free from our Slideshare page as it comes with a Creative Commons License 3.0.  
  We have a huge library of old and rare books on Gloucester and area history that we will be working on for some time to come.   Once they are done, we will be publishing them here on this site.

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