Friday, August 24, 2012

Gloucester, VA Sheriff's Race - Two Candidates Now On The Ballet

Republican Party (United States)
Republican Party (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Clarence Bowser and Darrell Warren are the two candidates now seeking election this fall for the Sheriff's position.  Clarence Bowser is running as an independent and Darrell Warren is running under the Republican platform.  There are no other challengers to Darrell Warren from inside the Sheriff's Office this time although Clarence Bowser is an ex sheriff's deputy from the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office.

This is not the first time Clarence Bowser has run for this position but he gets very little local press compared to other candidates in past campaigns.  Clarence has written a book and it is available on Amazon.  The name of that book is Penalty of Justice: The Pro Se.  CLICK HERE to see the title on Amazon.  You can also read a good section of the book to get a feel for it right on the Amazon site.

A section above seems to have a misspelled word after star which should read medal.  In the opening is a misused word, tricky should read trickery.  The above is re printed under fair use laws for this news story.

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