Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Section 3-15 In Practice Here In Gloucester

Again this is Gloucester, VA Animal Control Section 3-15 that is under the heading of Gloucester County Animal Control Laws.  In our opinion it is not a law.  It's more like a foundation or guidelines.  We would not say that the above does not make for a good solid foundation for creating laws.  But to call the above a law is just absurd.  So what we are going to explain here is just how this little section of Gloucester County (Law?) is used.  This is based on actual provable facts.

  Gloucester Animal Control Officers use (abuse?) this little section to charge people with offenses that really again, in our opinion have no real meaning.  Even when all they have viewed is nothing more than a snapshot in time.  All that has to happen to be charged with this offense is for one of the local animal control officers to show up at your door and view an animal.  If they want to charge you, they charge you.

  The following is from a true story and we have full documentation to support the story.  Recently Jeff Stillman has charged a local family with multiple counts of failure to perform duties of ownership: penalty.  This was based on a one time viewing of animals while the family was in the process of moving.  It was a snapshot in time that the charges were created and put on this family.  No supporting background evidence that there was some form of ongoing issues with these animals whatsoever.

  This is not an unusual case either.  We have interviewed numerous people who have been charged and convicted of this section and all based on a snapshot in time with no supporting documentation.  It's abuse in our opinion.  It's a down and outright conspiracy.  How the judges and attorney's in this area even let it go on can only be stated that Gloucester County is in the business of making money.  Government is not supposed to be in the business of making money, but here you have it.  That's our opinion.

  We have a lot more on this and will continue to cover this story.  We are still developing the form that we will be taking on a nationwide tour.  When it's finished, we will be printing a copy of it on here.

Again, we are not attorney's and this does not constitute legal advice as only an attorney can legally advise you.  We are only questioning the obvious.

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