Monday, December 10, 2012

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Law 3-15 Update - Is This Even Legal?

The above is a jpg image of a person who has recently been charged with a violation under Gloucester Animal Control Law 3-15.  When you look at the law, it clearly states that it's a Penalty.  So the above person has been charged with a penalty.  They are in violation of a penalty.  How does one violate a penalty?  Well to make the case even stranger, the violation of penalty is backed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Animal Control 3.2-6500 which is a section clearly marked as Definition:  So again, the above person is in violation of a penalty that is supported by the state's definition of terminology. (What?)

  Our question is who was reading George Orwell's book, "1984", that decided to invent this wonderful masterpiece of filth.  Again we are going to make it very clear that we are not attorney's and this does not at all constitute legal advice and we are not interpreting the law, only questioning it.  So we have decided to create a special form that we are going to take on a national campaign to get the feedback from some of the best legal minds in the US.  We are going to email law offices, senators, congressmen and congresswomen, colleges of law, judges and every other legal professional we can come up with to see what they think.

  We have also added a poll on this site to see what you think.  Is this oppression?  Is this even possible?  Well to some degree it is possible as here it is.  But we want to know if this is even legal.

   So again, here is the Gloucester, VA Animal Control (Law?) 3-15 as found on the Gloucester County government site.  You can see that Penalty is underlined at the end of the section.  We did not underline it.  And again, here is the link to the Commonwealth of Virginia section 3.2-6500 that clearly shows that this section is for definition of terminology used in other areas of law.  We will update this site as we get answers from the best legal minds around the United States.  

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