Monday, March 18, 2013

Gloucester, VA Pet Shop Post Update And Corrections

Sometimes the issues in this business is that you receive what is considered reliable information that can not always be denied or confirmed by normal means.  You depend on those reporting information to you to be first hand account and you put a certain amount of trust into those who give you information.

  From time to time you later learn that the information was not at all reliable.  Under TTC Media, it is our policy to post a correction to information when we learn of a breach in our sources.

We recently learned of such a breach.  We did a report some months ago about a local large pet shop possibly receiving exotic animals from Animal Control.  The story was part of a fictional story.  We recently had a question about that so we had to go back to our source who reported the information to us as initially having first hand knowledge of such.  When we dug tonight for further information from that source, it came back as being something they were told and did not in fact have first hand knowledge of such.  This makes the information third party and tainted, hence unreliable.

  Because of this, we are posting this to clear this local pet shop of any possible questionable activity found in the fictional story and are dropping that source from our reliable list for good.  The post did not name the real name of the business but did put the business in an unfavorable light.  Please disregard that section of the post regarding the pet shop business.  That story was fictional that was posted, but was based on a certain amount of real world information.

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