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Gloucester, VA Local Readers Mad As Hell At County

Readers Respond:  Here is a letter we just recently received by another concerned citizen.

"I have read your stories with great interest along with the local paper.
The paper tells us our taxes are going up and not until we read your blog do we find out it is to pay for pet projects wanted by the members of the Board of Supervisors that vote in favor of their pet projects.  Do they not know we are in a recession?
These tax and spend people are as bad as the people in Washington, we do not have a spending problem we have an income problem.  People are having to tighten their belts to make ends meet and the fiscal irresponsible people voting to make these changes do not care.  We just get to hold the money we work hard to earn until the tax and spend government wants it from us.  Our Gloucester County Chair person states she listens to the people of Gloucester County.  She proved otherwise in the meeting where she voted to go along with the wishes of the downtown association.
  I was sorry to hear our Gloucester County chairperson was going to run again we need her to get out and to take the illegal laws she has pushed on the county with her.  A couple of examples:  the flags on used car lots, where is the state law to deny this?  Most of her pet laws have to do with animal control ordinances.
Gloucester County started the water and sewage projects to allow previously undevelopable lands on where the water table was causing systems to fail.  We have been taxed to pay for these improvements.  Now they want to tax us again if a line goes by their property and are trying to get support at the State level.  Go for our State Representatives to ignore them.   The board knew then if they told us the truth and would make everyone pay if it goes by your property it would have been turned down.  I know let the people that need the service pay for it.  Let the new developments that want lots too small to support wells and septic systems pay to bring it to their development.  Or you can get rid of all of animal control but one, required by state law, and pay for your other pet projects.
Another story I read with interest was the one on low paying jobs in Gloucester County.  I travel all over the state and starting pay for animal control is much higher in Gloucester than in some cities in the state.  Also if the pay was low there would be lots of turnover not people staying for life.  But when you allow employees to perform jobs and outside positions in conflict of interest of state laws and to be bribed, or the appearance of bribes, why would they leave?  The county likes to state how old it is, have they forgotten because of old age that our nation, commonwealth, and county governments are based on law and not mob rule?
Maybe you should pay attention to the words of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Consider reading the Constitution of the US and the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Please consider buying a current copy with updates of the Code of Virginia so Mr Wilmont will be able to keep up with the changes to the state code.
Another concerned citizen of Gloucester County".

Points well given by this reader and we want to thank you for taking the time to respond to this site with your concerns.  All very valid.  Now if we can just get the county officials to understand that their actions do have consequences.  We can always dream can't we?

This business man has been doing business in Gloucester for nearly 65 years.  His contributions to the county are tough to match if they even can be.  He did not need to be interrupted during his discussion as it was very valid to the discussion.  He's upset with what it now takes to get anything done in the county government.  We agree with his points.  Do you think the Board of Supervisors even cared?  At his age and considering all of his contributions to the county, he deserves to spend as much time on the floor as he wants, talking about whatever he wants to talk about.  We could all learn from someone of his experience.

  Shame on Louise Theberge for interrupting him.  

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  1. This gentleman gets interrupted by someone on the Board of Supervisors at only 59 seconds into his talk. He's supposed to have 10 minutes. He is 94 years old. I'm retired military and I respect and love my county. And I respect my elders. This is a damn shame that somebody obviously has no respect for her elders.


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