Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Edge Hill Service Station Slated For Possible Demolition

The top picture is of the Edge Hill gas station that had the call to save it before it's restoration.  The second picture is of the Edge Hill gas station with the restoration complete.  Now it's potentially slated for demolition by the ones who were involved in restoring it?  One plan is to try and make it into a cafe if they can get someone to rent it with such highly limited parking.

  Two other options are demolition and replacement with a new office or retail complex, again with no parking and the last option is to turn it into a water fountain.

Why was all the money put into restoring Edge Hill Gas Station only to turn around and now look at tearing it down?  Someone made money on the restoration work.  Someone is going to make money tearing it down and putting up something else.  Do we really need more bad planning?

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