Friday, April 12, 2013

More Issues With Gloucester's Secret Triad Government

In this series of 3 pictures are more concerns.  We are only using these pictures to illustrate the concerns.  What we are looking at in the pictures here is a building that was refurbished by Courthouse Construction and funded by Gloucester County, your tax dollars, Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust Courthouse Construction even kicked in money of their own to help finish the job.  We have no issues with the project here.

The building is a part of Bay Aging which qualifies for federal, state and local funding.  So again, no issues.  In fact, for the most part we applaud the entire project.  Our concerns do not involve Courthouse Construction in any way.

The project was completed in 2010.  The second picture is part of the dedication ceremony.  Here is the problem we see however and again we point out that it's not with this project, the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust being in the middle of any project dramatically changes the dynamics of any potential project and is what is a serious threat to everyone in Gloucester County.

Here is why.  With the Main Street Preservation Trust being in the middle of any project, you have no idea what is being planned for your tax dollars and how they will be used.  With the trust being partnered with the county government, the trust can bypass government rules and regulations in hiring contractors that it picks from it's list of friends and no competition even exists.  Government regulations do not have to be followed when the trust is in charge of the project.  That is in our view why the sidewalks on Main Street are so poorly done.

Secret meetings can be conducted by the Trust that are never open to the public yet affect everyone in the county just the same.  Planning from this trust has already dramatically hurt Gloucester Main Street businesses in our view making life harder for each of them as well as more expensive with the beautification initiatives.  Again, the  Gloucester Main Street Trust has Louise Theberge, Chair Person from the Gloucester Board of Supervisors, on it that we see as a major conflict of interest and a serious threat to everyone.  It's a violation of the public trust.  But obviously she does not care.

  Government has certain safety rules and regulations that must be met when rebuilding streets and public areas.  When partnered with the Trust, if the trust manages the project, then those rules and regulations no longer apply even though they are supposed to?  We really do not need the Triad running government or even involved in it in any way.

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