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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ex Gloucester, Animal Control Deputy, Kristine James, Sounds Off On Facebook

Ex Gloucester Animal Control Officer sounds off on Facebook.  She deleted the post soon after making it, but not before it was copied.

  The following is what was stated.

"Kristine James
4 hrs
I am going to post this now, as I am no longer with an Animal Control dept. ...
You people are freaking nuts!!! Animal raids. Do you know what they are? Really? They are searches conducted by warrants, ONLY after suspected animal abuse, cruelty, etc. If you are mistreating your animal and you think you are above the law by doing so, you are wrong. YOU are doing wrong by treating your animal as you see fit. Filthy conditions, at home medical treatment, insufficient water/food/shelter. You are the problem, not the law. If you could have only seen what I have...The animals suffer, not you..their caretaker...oh boo hoo if you get a door notice, you automatically think, oh no! They are going to raid my home. Bull crap! I have seen and heard so many times from people that "they raided my home and threatened to kill me and my family". First off, get over yourself. I have never said anything of the sort, nor have anyone I have worked with. If you LOVED animals so much, they would be your first concern. You would care for them properly, and would do everything in compliance with the law. Obviously you're not, that's why you have this site. Put the blame where it belongs...on you! (so called animal lovers) I expect to be banned after worries."

What Kristine James is not aware of is that local raids where people had their legal rights grossly violated happened before she was hired as an Animal Control deputy.  She is also clearly unaware of the fact that we have evidence on this site in great detail about such and are continuing to investigate these issues.  We are also sitting on a bunch of evidence that we have not released and have had for several years.  We have audio recordings of live interviews with victims, we have court documents, legal papers and more all showing a very clear pattern.  We invite her to look at what we have online and show how the information is wrong.

  She makes the above disgusting comments based on a very limited time in one county working mostly part time in her duties with very little experience.  She was stating this to people all around the nation.  It is very clear she is not a Christian.  If she were, she would know and understand that God gave man dominion over all animals.  Today's man made laws give animals dominion over man.  An inversion of God's laws.  We are not stating that it is right to abuse animals, however, no animal has rights over any person.

  She also fails to understand that those who are no longer able to care for animals as they once were able to, have been forced into their present conditions through the economy.  Her socialist tyranny came through loud and clear however.  Glad she is gone from Animal Control and maybe her replacement will prove to be more understanding.  Her comments were posted in a group of animal owners who have had their own rights violated share their stories and try to help out others as well as spread the word on what is really going on out there.

Kristine James is one of the owners at Buying It Used here in Gloucester.  The store that when they first opened their doors, looked like a Gloucester County government warehouse sale center, which by local ordinance is illegal.  We can't say that this was the case, but we did find evidence to highly suggest such and posted here on this site.  So the comments do not really surprise us.  Now she can legally turn Buying It Used into a Gloucester County government warehouse sales center.  But can you trust her?  We will shop somewhere else thanks.

The above picture is of a projector marked as property of Gloucester County, Petsworth District school and on the shelf of Buying It Used.
Gloucester County Ordinance strictly forbids county employees from even purchasing used equipment from the county.  So how did it get there?

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Gloucester, Virginia FEMA Land Sustainability Programs Defined

If you are wondering what is really behind Gloucester's involvement with the FEMA sustainability programs, the above video can help with many of your questions.  Problem is, it also answers a lot of questions we are seeing in Gloucester, Virginia government including the school board.  This is a must see video for anyone who keeps scratching their heads when they watch the Board of supervisors meetings or the School Board meetings.  Now you will have a much better understanding.

Sustainable America, Advancing Prosperity, Opportunity, And A Healthy Environment from Chuck Thompson

This is one of the books the speaker in the above video talks about.  We have one of the others but it's in 19 parts and have to be uploaded in those 19 parts.  This is going to take time but it will be worth it based on the information the book contains.  It shows that we are in the middle of exactly what she is speaking of.

So is agenda 21 real?  Dig through the evidence and determine for yourself.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Ways To Help The Homeless This Winter

This is a great video.  This young woman stepped up to try and make a difference and ended up making a real big difference.  In today's economy, success stories like this are rare, what is even more rare is when the people behind the stories are making a positive difference in others lives.

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How A 9 Volt Battery Can Potentially Save Your Life By Charging Your Phone

English: A Durcell 9-Volt battery.
English: A Durcell 9-Volt battery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes you run across some interesting and clever tricks.  The above video is one of those times.  By the crazy Russian Hacker, this guy shows you how to recharge your cell phone with a 9 volt battery with a car charger and a key.  It's a very simple trick and very sound.  So if you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere, your car battery is dead and your cell phone about to die, this is a great little trick that could potentially save you.

  So next time you are in a store, you might want to consider buying one or two of these to keep in the glove box as a potential emergency backup.  Now if they could only make an app for recharging your car battery with your cell phone.  (Yeah we know it won't work, but someone should still make an app for it anyway.  After all, they have a solar recharging app that isn't real but looks good.)

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Nasa Rocket Explodes During Launch In Virginia, Video

Wallops Island
Wallops Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WALLOPS ISLAND, VA,  The unmanned rocket originally scheduled to launch last night was scrapped due to a vessel in the waters near the island that would not move.  The mission rescheduled for tonight at 6:22 PM resulted in a complete disaster.

The Antares rocket was carrying a Cygnus cargo capsule, loaded with 5,000 pounds of gear for the six people living on the International Space Station. It was initially scheduled to launch Monday, and Orbital Sciences Corp. got within the 10-minute mark for liftoff, but a sailboat ended up in the restricted danger zone, and controllers halted the evening countdown.

Wavy TV 10 has great coverage on this issue.  

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Gloucester, VA County Government Document Shows Illegal Ordinance AC 3-18

Gloucester, Public Hearing, Nov. 2014 from Chuck Thompson

All you have to do is go to page 6 in the document above.  We downloaded this from the Gloucester County government website.  They show the illegal ordinance they want to force on everyone.  There are no state codes that match this making it a made up ordinance which is a blatant violation of the Dillon Rule.  The folks running this county have no regard for the rule of law yet they expect you to?  How does that work?

  Now one of the kickers in all of this is that the county attorney, Ted Wilmot, knows this is illegal, but he does not care.  He is just creating an income opportunity for the county.  That's how the county views it.  Never mind the fact that they are going to turn innocent victims into criminals.

  Let's go even further, the county is purposefully putting Animal Control and potentially, the sheriff's deputies at life threatening risk if they are forced to enforce this illegal law.  If someone breaks a window on a vehicle, there could be a big dog in the vehicle who is not going to like this violation and may maim or even kill someone.  We the tax payers are the ones who will have to foot that bill as well.

  Now where is the local media on any of this?  Anyone think they do not know about it?  Sure they do.  They are complicate in all of this through their silence and they wonder why their following keeps dropping?  They no longer report any real news.  They become just as guilty for victims created by this illegal ordinance if they refuse to report on this.

  The Board of Supervisors took an oath of office before they could start on their jobs, now we see what they think of that oath.  It meant nothing to them if they allow this kind of garbage.

We are putting up this video to remind the three new board members what they said when they were running for these Board of Supervisors posts.

County Attorney, Ted Wilmot has been known to lie to the Board of Supervisors in the past, this video is a very interesting study on that.  Ted has worked very hard ever since with his body language but still has many tells.  Sorry, at this point, Ted Wilmot needs to be fired for cause trying to push through illegal ordinances that will wreck total havoc everywhere, even with county employees.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Help Fight Against Illegal Gloucester, Virginia Ordinances

Help fight against Gloucester, Virginia illegal ordinances.  Attend the next Gloucester, Board of Supervisors meeting being held, November 5th, 2014 at the Colonial Courthouse, Courthouse Circle starting at 7:00 PM.  Up for discussion are Animal Control Ordinances and some are downright illegal.  With the stroke of a pen, you could become a criminal overnight.

  One of the biggest issues coming up that will violate everyone's rights is ordinance 3-18.  And it looks like the Board of Supervisors want to continue this illegal ordinance in violation of state codes, the Dillon Rule, Federal Laws and the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, a part of the US Constitution.


Gloucester, VA Animal Control Ordinance Review Flyer from Chuck Thompson

The specific ordinance we are talking about is in the container above.  What it means to everyone is that you will NOT be able to transport an animal in any form of vehicle without the benefit of air conditioning when temperatures near 80 degrees and or go higher.  That means horse trailers, animal trailers, the back of pick-up trucks and more.  If these do not have air conditioning, you may be found in violation of this insane local ordinance that has no counterpart in state code as required by state law.  Plus, you are subject to having your vehicle broken into and personal property removed without any warrants needing to be issued.

  It's theft.  Plus, not only can they charge you for the violations, they also will charge you for vet bills and storage and care of your animal(s).  And you have no recourse for the damage they do to your property.  To go even further, you get a criminal record.  How is that going to help your career?  Costs could easily reach thousands of dollars to you.  Do you have that extra money to spare?

  What county officials are doing is down right criminal.  But they are saying you are the criminal.  How does that work?

  We are "NOT" against the safety of any animal, however, we are against violations to our rights, state codes, federal laws and the Bill of Rights to our US Constitution.   It's time to stand up for our rights and NOT allow county officials to get away with this.  What can you do?

  Print the form flyer above and distribute it everywhere throughout the county.  Send it to everyone you know who owns an animal.  Email the above PDF to everyone you know.  Attend the BoS meeting as listed above and speak out.  It's time to stop the corruption and the insanity.  Tweet this story, Post it on Facebook, Google Plus this story, post it on LinkedIn and other social networks.  Spread the word everywhere.  Together we can stop this.