Friday, May 17, 2013

No British Surrender In Yorktowwn During First American Revolution

American Revolution" target="_blank">No British Surrender At Yorktown During First American Revolution from Chuck Thompson

There was no British surrender in Yorktown during the first American Revolution.  The statement is correct when you take into account that the first American Revolution was held one hundred years before what most people consider the first actual American Revolution.  Bacon's Rebellion is often referred to as the first American Revolution and occurred in 1676 lead by Nathaniel Bacon.  This is the newest theme behind our free advertising tools for Gloucester, Virginia businesses.  The tools and source files are all free and it is free for any and every business in Gloucester County to use.

  Above is a sample of what a sponsored ad looks like.  We have opened up a larger area for local businesses on this piece.  Businesses can import into the source file documents, photos of their business and there is plenty of room for text to explain and promote your business.  The ad also promises a free e-book download when you visit the sponsor's web site.  We are hosting the download and all any business has to do is just import the download link into their own site so that anyone visiting their site can get the free e-book.

  The e-book is the history behind Bacon's Rebellion.

Bacons Rebellion 1676 American Colonial History" target="_blank">Bacons Rebellion 1676 American Colonial History from Chuck Thompson

This is a copy of the e-book that is being made available to the public.  We will have the download link available on this site for businesses as well as the source files very soon.  The source files as well as the e-book are all licensed for use through a Creative Commons license distribution.  Terms for use will be available when the files are made available.

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