Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zero Tolerance Takes On A New Meaning! School Board Officials On Notice.

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia,

 “  Have you ever read the Constitution of the United States?"

  How about the Constitution of Virginia?  I am not going to write what is in each section they are available on the internet.

Article 1 Section 2. People the source of power.  This reinforces that these are responsibilities of the people.  Our elected official work for us and the power of the offices are vested in us.  What is a power we have to take back because these officials are not doing their jobs?

Let’s look at the school system and Zero Tolerance.  If we are going to have zero tolerance for our children that have limited life experience, THEY ARE IN SCHOOL TO LEARN NOT TO WORK.  Then maybe we should hold the adults working in the system to the same standards.   Kick out the teachers and guidance counselors for not teaching the children the rules.  You make a mistake you are out “Do not pass go! Do not collect $200 dollars!” (Monopoly “Go to Jail” phrase, Milton Bradley).  I think the middle school should have been repaired and not destroyed; this opinion is shared by others in the county.  Applying zero tolerance to the adults for destroying a functional building the Superintendent of the schools, School Board, and Gloucester Board of Supervisors should be fired!  Maybe we should hold all of the county officials to the same standards as the students with zero tolerance since the Board of Supervisors have allowed the school board to make rules like this.  Is this what should be done? Maybe but that is not the point; the point is our students should not be subjected to a zero tolerance policy.  Why is it harder to fire a bad government employee than to kick a child out of school?  What business do you know that has never made a mistake?  Do businesses fire people for one mistake; I am not talking about breaking the law.

When I was in school students and teachers had guns in their cars, from a morning hunt or going after school; or possible going to a range to shoot.  It was an exception for a student to not have a pocket knife.  Who does not carry a pocket knife today?  Today point your finger like a gun and you are out.
Let our elected representatives know we want reasonable rules, codes, and laws.  If they are going to enforce these kinds of standards on the children then the citizens of the county should expect the same standards to be enforced on the elected officials and the county employees.  Actually, the elected officials and county employees should be held to higher standards since you deal with these regulations daily.

I have high respect for the county employees and this is not meant to criticize them but to show that zero tolerance for our children is over the top.


Alexander James Jay

P.S.  I am not a lawyer so I am not giving you a legal definition but what these writings mean to me.

Now there is an idea that needs to be followed.  If everyone starts to reverse the zero tolerance policy on the school boards and teachers, you have an argument they can not win.  Together we can stop the insanity plaguing our nation today.

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