Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Numerous Complaints Of County Official Abuses of Position

We have received not one, but multiple complaints asking some valid questions. These are verified complaints that we are reporting on here.  One email sent to us reads as follows.

"Letter to the editor,

I wrote to you a few weeks ago about seeing a Gloucester County Animal Control truck being used for personal business.  I bring to your attention something much more disturbing.  Saturday evening I was traveling up Rt 17, a couple of minutes after 7:00 PM, I was at the intersection of Providence Road and Rt 17 stopped at the stoplight.  I noticed the County Garage had a garage door open, southern door, a private owned vehicle with a woman and a child in the car was going into the garage.  I have some very serious questions that should to be answered:

  1. Why was the garage open on Saturday night?
  2. Was the employee on the clock working on a privately owned vehicle?
  3. What are non-county employees doing in the garage after hours?
  4. Is the insurance company aware that these types of abuses are going on?
This appears to be a very large case of fraud, waste, and abuse by a County Employee. Are things like this going on causing county taxes to be as high as they are?"

Date of occurrence is Saturday, May 18th, 2013.   

We verified the above report with another witness to this incident.  What we learned was that the vehicle was a mid sized vehicle with a light metallic paint.
The people seen going in opened the garage door quickly and then proceeded to move the vehicle in as fast as possible then closing the garage door quickly to attract as little attention as possible.  So we are able to determine that it is a county employee with access to a key to the building.  The time frame is not in a usual county hours of operation.  

  If the people entering the building had a right to be there, why move a personal vehicle into the building?  This leaves open very valid questions as to what is going on.  Are county employees ordering parts for their personal vehicles and installing them at taxpayer expense?  Were the employees stealing tools or other equipment?  Once they opened the garage and turned on even one light, it was at taxpayer expense.  Were these people trying to hide something?  Were they trying to move something that they have been hiding?  All fair questions.  The building in question is the white building on the left hand side of the above picture.  The stoplight in question is also visible in the above picture.

  Your tax dollars working hard to enrich others.

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