Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Gift Shop Now Open - Features Gloucester Virginia Souvenirs.

Battle of the Hook - Collector's Plate 2 

Above is a picture of one of our new collector plates featuring a scene from the Battle of the Hook.  We have been working hard the past few days on getting a new online store up featuring all kinds of souvenirs that are just not available anywhere else.  We have everything from a Gloucester County, Virginia poster to postcards, Battle of the Hook ties, t-shirts for Gloucester and Battle of the Hook, an exclusive Gloucester Civil War print, Rosewell print, and a lot more coming.  Towards the top of this site is the links bar for various sections and links to other areas of local interest.  One of the new options is a link to the Gift Shop. The gift shop link takes you to the new store.

  This gift shop will also be featuring historical collectibles from all around the state of Virginia.  Each item is exclusive.  Retailers can order quantities at discounts to make these items available in their own stores.  At the bottom of this site is a new feature that shows the newest items available for purchase now.  We are creating new items each day.  is the link to the new gift shop.

We have over 100 products that will all be available by May 24th, 2013.  Within the next few weeks we should have hundreds more.  Our goal is to provide the world's largest collection of custom historical collectibles and souvenirs before the year is up.

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