Monday, December 23, 2013

Home Alone, Classic Christmas Movie, Full Length

Cover of "Home Alone"
Cover of Home Alone

We have been seeing a number of issues while porting in videos onto this site and it has prevented us from being able to port a good number of videos onto here.  Turns out with all the issues surrounding DMCA and copyright laws, even if a video or film, shows up and is playable on You Tube, if you try to port it onto your website, the video will not play on your site.  That was the case with this video, Home Alone.  We found a work around that allows us to port the movie in despite these new restrictions now being put in place.

  We don't get it.  Play it on TV and you are free to record the movie onto a VHS tape, DVD or onto your Hard Drive and even TiVo.  You are free to make copies of that show any way you wish from that recording.  Yet, post it online and you violate copyright laws.  Download a copy and you violate copyright laws.  Anyone see any issues here?  We see VHS and DVD copies sold all the time through legal channels on the second hand market through thrift stores and more.  No one is thinking of copyright violations in those areas or markets.

  Used DVD or VHS tapes one would think should fall under copyright violations as the license should not transfer from the original purchaser.  Wait, that is a really bad idea and how many sales would the movie industry loose because of it?  DivX started out as a limited play and expired after so many days of first playing a video or after so many plays of the video.  What happened to that market?  The market crashed as no one wanted the highly overpriced crap and now DivX is free software.  Something eventually has to give over DMCA copyright laws as they are failing in so many areas and we just do not see them ever winning no matter what they do.

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