Monday, December 23, 2013

Wham, With Their Christmas Music Hit, Last Christmas, MTV Version

The MTV version of Wham's hit song, Last Christmas.  One of the all time great original Christmas songs of the 1980's.  Kicking it back a few decades.  Were times better then?  No, just different.  Inflation was pretty high, the press complained about the politicians, jobs at the first part of the decade were scarce, and unemployment was high.  Though there wasn't a draft, everyone that turned 18 had to sign up for the potential of being drafted.  TV was very different.  There were no reality TV shows.  Video games were just starting to come out for the home market, otherwise everyone went to the video arcade to play the latest releases.

  Home computers were just starting to come out.  A gig of anything was unheard of and considered massive information.  There were no Windows OS's.    You coded your own work.  Internet was unknown to the masses.  High tech meant you had an awesome stereo and maybe a VCR.  Cable TV was not the dominant force it is today.  Only rich people had car phones.  What the heck was a fax machine anyway?  It was simply a different time.  Everything changes.  Some for the better, some not so much the better.

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