Sunday, December 22, 2013

Trans Siberian Orchestra, Live Full Concert, 2013, Las Vegas, NV

We did some digging and came up with this live concert footage shot in HD.  It's a 2013 concert that was performed by Trans Siberian Orchestra in Las Vegas, NV.  This is very rare so the moment we saw this available, we decided to get it on here while it's still up.  In this day and age of copyright violation fights everywhere, you never know how long something may be up.

  Now what really makes this video super special.  This is the last concert tour where the band is performing "The Lost Christmas Eve", show.  It is not the end of the band touring or discontinuing to exist.  Simply the end of this particular show.  (Let's hope they are coming out with a new album with more great content).  15 years Trans Siberian Orchestra has toured the country with an ever growing fan base and we can not wait to see what they come up with for next year's season.  (No they are not going away).

  The above show is 2 and a half hours long so plan on spending some time here to watch this.  It will surely be well worth your time.  Merry Christmas.
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