Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dark Matters, Broken Hearts, Mega Mp3 Free Music Downloads

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We continue in the dark mode with Dark Matter, Broken Heart.  This collection is a short 29 minutes and 12 seconds long containing some great tracks.  Downloads, as always, are completely free and you do not have to pay for them either.  But like the last one we did like this, if you want to separate the tracks, you have to do so manually.  Suck it up, the music is free and for those into this type of stuff, really top notch quality.  You won't this at Wal Mart, and if you ever do, ask for a price match.  We grabbed a copy.  It's actually in WAV format which gives fantastic quality, but the files end up being large.  This one is under 300 megs though and the download is pretty darn quick.  Enjoy.
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