Monday, January 6, 2014

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Monthly Report Updates Way Out of Date, January 2014.

The most recent monthly report that has been produced and published, by Animal Control of Gloucester, Virginia, for public view was last performed in June of 2011.  Would anyone say that maybe they are just a little out of date?

The above is a link to the page on the county site that states that this report is an annual report, however, when you look at the actual report itself, it shows that is is supposed to be a monthly report.  Is this just to much trouble for the over glorified doggie catchers to stay up with?  At a cost of $600.00 per animal handled by this department, one would figure that they should at least be able to attract semi intelligent help that can at least read and write and do simple math each month.  If you do not want to download a report to look at it.  We have it here below.

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