Monday, January 6, 2014

Gloucester, VA Officials Circumvent Discovery Throughout The County

Bad news for Gloucester County, Virginia officials.  Starting today, we are now publishing every private email address that the county uses to circumvent discovery in communications with each other.

  What does that mean?  We have discovered that a great deal of Gloucester County, Virginia officials and managers are using private email addresses in their communications that concern public county business.  They are hiding information from public discovery by doing this.  This has been an issue nationwide with politicians getting caught and busted for this exact activity.  We have no issues showing you who is doing this within the county as we continue to collect a list of those using a system that should never be done.  Even if these people have nothing to hide, they are circumventing discovery which means that they are hiding communications.  That is reason to believe they are not up and up in their dealings and are very suspect of wrong doing beyond circumventing discovery.   James J Orth.  Gloucester Board of Supervisors.  Charles Records, Gloucester School Board Member.  Another email address for Charles Records above.  Ben Kiser, The Kiser, Gloucester Superintendent of Schools.  Ann Burruss, Gloucester Schools.  Betty Jane Duncan - Gloucester Schools?  Carla Hook, Gloucester School Board member.  Kevin Smith,  Same as above.  2 email addresses.  Kimberly Hensley, Gloucester County Schools  - Randy Burak, Gloucester County Schools  Troy Anderson, Gloucester School Board

This is just our first list of people in Gloucester County, Virginia government who are circumventing discovery by using personal emails in place of county emails to conduct county business.  We have the original emails on file where these addresses came from.

Now all of these people know better.  Heck, one is even an attorney who, without question, knows better.  Now in fairness, JJ Orth, at the top of the list, it's his VIMS email address being used which is still subject to a certain degree of scrutiny for public view.  Each one of these people would seem to be in clear violation to the Freedom of Information act.  You have to ask what it is they are hiding.  Each one of these people should be made to expose everything in their personal email accounts since they have used these accounts for public business.  Do you think any of them will willingly do so?  We don't think so either.  More are coming.

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