Friday, March 21, 2014

Bitcoin 101 - Multi-Signature Addresses pt2 - Spending, Protocol & Coding

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This part two of a two part series on muti-signature addresses and wallets. This is important technology for massively improving bitcoin security. In part one we generated a multisig address/wallet. In this part, we'lll walk you through all the steps necessary to spend the funds, going line by line through some simple python code and generating a payment in bitcoind.

In many ways, multisig addresses are the answer to most of bitcoin's concerns and fears of theft. And now its time to scale up massive implementation for them. Originally introduced into the bitcoin client a few years ago, multisignature addresses massively more secure than regular ones. Their adoption by all wallet manufacturers is coming. But, for you techies and voyeurs, we'll jump inside the ideas of multi-sig and even program the stuff. Hope you enjoy.
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