Friday, March 21, 2014

Gloucester, VA BoS Meeting Notes and Spreadsheets, March, 2014

Gloucester, VA School Budget Compiled Spreadsheet. from Chuck Thompson

Above is posted once again the video from the most recent Board of Supervisors meeting held March, 18th, 2014 with notes from local resident Mr Mowry as well as spreadsheets provided by Mr Mowry showing allocations of taxpayer dollars as utilized by the county as well as the school board.

What is troublesome is the fact that both the county and the school board have increasing wages each and every year.  In this economy where most people have not seen raises in years or very little in the way of raises, county employees have been enjoying wage increases all along and they are budgeted for more over the coming years.  We know Federal employees who have not received wage increases in years until this year and all they are getting this year is a one percent increase and for 2015, they are only scheduled for another one percent increase.

  The Daily Press just did a comparison story on counties throughout Hampton Roads and most counties have cut payroll, employees, and halted raises.  That report started with the Sunday March 9th, 2014 paper.   How are Gloucester officials justifying these pay raises in this economy?

  It looks to us like there are many areas that can and should be cut back and or even eliminated.  The single largest tax hike in recent history if not in all American history has hit most Americans and it's well known as Obamacare.  How much more pressure can people take?  
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