Sunday, March 23, 2014

Salvia, New Quasi Legal OTC Drugs And Their Effects

EspaƱol: Salvia Divinorum cultivada en Medelli...
 Salvia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This first video is a homemade video showing a girl using Salvia.  You need to watch these videos to see what we are all now dealing with.

Another Homemade video showing what kind of results Salvia produces.

Hallucinogenic drug popular with teens questioned after Tucson shooting.  

Our Notes:  Do not confuse with Stevia which is a natural herbal sweetener.  Again, this looks to us like another portal drug.  People who use some form of tobacco will experience less problems than those who do not.  You can bet that there will be stronger mixtures that will be made from this herb and who knows what kind of issues those will cause.
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