Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gloucester, VA School Board's Appalling Pleas For Additional Funding - Video

This is the video from the March 24th, 2014 budget meeting.  Right around 36 minutes, after Brenda Garton, County Administrator, gave her presentation for the 2014 - 2015 budget, a student comes up and gives an absolutely appalling speech requesting additional money from the taxpayers, claiming old outdated textbooks, and a lack of paper for copying as some of the claims as well as teacher raises are much needed.  Though the student was well spoken, he was very poorly educated in the area of economics and it was a disgusting display of pure ignorance in our view.

  There is nothing complicated about budgets, economics and or government until bureaucrats decide to make it so.  The nihilistic socialist agenda spewing from the mouth of the student shows clearly that we have seriously digressed in the areas of economics and government oversight.  The Kiser has put this county into higher economic burdens and now we get to see with great delight, the horrible outcome of his oversight in the extraordinary appalling speech from the young man whom has no idea what he is talking about as he lacks the education to understand and we can not blame this young man for such.  We must look at those in charge of education.

  Let's be specific with his complaints.  He states what he claims are facts and figures that DO NOT ACCOUNT for areas such as shrinking enrollments, higher expenditures at the school board level that have little or nothing to do with the education of the students, subsidized lunches for school administration as well as higher levels of security for school board administration than they are willing to provide students with.  Bloated areas of expenditures in the school board that have little or nothing to do with education.

  Let's address the textbook issues.  Children are not coming home with textbooks.  If the textbooks are outdated in the school, direct the questions to the school board and NOT the board of supervisors.  The school board budget never uses it's full amount in any given year for textbooks that is allocated from what we have seen.  We are mortified here with this.  We can all thank The Kiser and the school board.  And this kid wants to become a teacher?  Says he won't come back here to teach?  Thank God.  He already lacks the education and shame on the school system for producing such a disgusting product of pure nihilistic filth.

  The folks that continued to come up, kept overlooking all of the above issues.  Lower enrollments.  No increases within the community showing expected increases in enrollments.  The Kiser closed one school when he could have used that school for relocating students from the old Page school.  The money wasted building the new Page Middle school instead of rebuilding the old Page site.  That was millions of dollars that were left on the table.  Does anyone understand simple economics or are we looking at the continued product of The Kisers really nihilistic socialist schooling. platform?

  At least the second speaker pointed out flaws in Brenda Garton's bloated budget which needs some very serious adjustments as well on the downward trend.  If anything, these meetings showed a need to get back to basics in education for everyone.  Simple economics is step one.  Let's look at the works of one of the first and real economists, Adam Smith.


Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith from Chuck Thompson

That's 667 pages of back to basics.  You can download this book for free from our slideshare site.  It's all very simple and easy to understand.  If the school board needs more money, let them take it out of the extra money they have cost us all building a new school in the swamp the county didn't need.

  Way to much oh poor me.  Guess what, the taxpayers are also saying poor me.  These folks are failing to realize who they must get their money from.  The taxpayers, not the board of supervisors.  The taxpayers DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY folks.  Did you hear that?  the taxpayers DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY.  YOU ARE NOT ASKING THE BOARD FOR MONEY.  You are asking the county taxpayers for money.  Hello!!!!!!  Anyone home?

  We just could not stand to listen to anyone else wine about how they want the Board of Supervisors to give them taxpayer money.  It's not their money school board.  It's the people of the county's money.  It's just infuriating.  

On a final note, we really want to thank the Board of Supervisors for recording and producing these videos so we can see what kind of outrageous nagging they must sit through from very ignorant people.  Our hats off to the Board of Supervisors for having to deal with such nonsense and still try and maintain decorum.   

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