Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Fun Raids?

Heard through the grapevine;

  Last week, information came in that two Animal Control officers, both men, went to a house after an ambulance had left the house.  The Animal Control officers banged on the front door and were surprised when a house guest answered the door.  Animal Control told the house guest that they (Home owners) had animals running wild and that they, (Animal Control officers), needed to come into the house and search the house.

State law prohibits anyone from Animal Control to ever search any house for any reason.

Va code ann 19.2 56 from Chuck Thompson

That state law is cited above.  The house guest told them no and closed the door on them.  The animal control officers proceeded to search the property without any form of search warrant before leaving, finding the animals in question on the property fully secured.  Now the first assumption is that Animal Control, since they have radios and are able to listen to all 911 emergency calls, overheard a call to a specific house that they wanted to target for some reason and when the opportunity came up, decided to take advantage of that opportunity?

  Also, why was Animal Control even targeting a house?  Were they interested in robbing it?  Why did they tell a house guest that the animals on that property were running wild when they were secured?

Now this is only heard through the grapevine.  We are not giving out any more details than this and the folks this may have happened to may not want to come forward with the rest of the story in fear of backlash.  Should any backlash occur, we will be all over this story reporting every little detail to the fullest.  Who knows, maybe there is something to the grapevine?
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