Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hampton Roads Leaders Applaud Governor McAuliffe

I-64 on the Hampton Roads Beltway, north of I-264
I-64 on the Hampton Roads Beltway, north of I-264 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Governor McAuliffe’s recent appointments of G. Robert Aston, Jr., Alan Diamonstein, Gary McCollum, Val McWhorter, and John Milliken to the Virginia Port Authority Board received resounding praise from Hampton Roads leaders. Governor McAuliffe’s appointments reflected his vision of bringing leaders with strong business backgrounds and institutional knowledge of the port to the board in order to turn the page on recent port performance and usher in a new era of economic growth to the region and the Commonwealth. Below are statements from leaders in the area in support of the announcement:
Senator Kenneth Alexander, Norfolk:
“The importance of a strong port for this region’s economy cannot be emphasized enough. I applaud Governor McAuliffe for taking the lead in making sure our port is revitalized through the selection of these business-focused appointments. To ensure that our port can steadily grow, there must be a Port board whose membership posses the business oriented vision to guide the Port of Virginia in a productive and fiscally responsible fashion.”
Mayor Linda Johnson, Suffolk:
“Governor McAuliffe has shown a clear vision for the Port of Virginia through his appointments made to the Virginia Port Authority Board. Bringing back fiscal responsibility through a business-oriented approach catalyzes this vision. The Governor and his administration have shown commitment to ensuring that Virginia is the number one agriculture exporter on the East Coast, and the only way to accomplish that is with a successful Port.” -Mayor Linda Johnson - Suffolk
 Mayor Paul Fraim, Norfolk:
"The Port of Virginia is a strong selling point when encouraging businesses and other entities to locate to the Hampton Roads region. Governor McAuliffe and his administration continue to take strong steps forward to safeguard our economic and business interests, and this is shown through the appointments made to the Virginia Port Authority Board. These individuals will bring their strong business acumen and move the Port towards sound profitability and sound financial success. I strongly support the Governor’s vision for diversifying Virginia’s economy and that is demonstrated through his commitment to strengthening Virginia’s Port.” 
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