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Cancer Treatments: Are Better Answers Out There? Part 1

Right breast cancer
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This is the first part in a series we will be doing exploring the issues surrounding cancer and various treatments along with information.  The information we are presenting is strictly alternative concepts and we are not doctors by any stretch of the imagination, however, that does not mean we are ignorant to many facts and science, but we urge on caution for many reasons, most not based on science itself, but on law and greed.

  Back in the early 1990's I started following the story of Dr Lane, "Sharks Don't Get Cancer", that was presented by an alternative practitioner, Dr David Williams through his subscription based monthly new letter.  Dr Lane was trying to get approval to test his new cancer remedy on human subjects in the US and had very promising research results.  At first the American Cancer Institute looked at Dr Lane's work with great interest as did the AMA.  Once trials were getting close, for some strange reason, everything shut down and Dr Lane was denied the ability to proceed.  No reason given from what I recall.

  Dr Lane made arrangements to go to Cuba to conduct clinical trials and the Cuban government allowed him to come in and try out his cancer treatments on dying patients that were considered a lost cause.  10 patients were chosen.  9 out of 10 patients made amazing recoveries after several months of treatment with varying forms of cancer in full remission.  1 did die.

  Still, the results were nothing short of amazing.  That is where the Cuban trials story ended in the newsletter.  Doing some online research, this information is still publicly available.

Link to Dr Lane and his research.  At present, Dr Lane sits in jail for working  towards cures for cancer and discredited for all of his work despite all the evidence in his favor.  Is the system we live with for medical care fixed or are these people really quacks as the medical establishment want us to believe?

  Now sharks do get cancer, but not often and few claims can be proven that they do.  What was well noted is that the process for making shark cartilage was very unique to Dr Lane and it was a very expensive process.  All of the me too products that came out to fill demand for shark cartilage supplements were made as cheap as possible to produce as much return on investment as possible without ever checking on how to actually produce the cartilage in a way that would actually benefit anyone.  Because of this, the treatment quickly received bad press and many people died without the actual benefits they were seeking to begin with.  The me too products did not work as they did not contain the actual biological benefits of producing the product correctly is what Dr Lane and his staff showed according to the few news sources that reported on his side of the story.

  Dr Lane was sued by various entities and forced to stop production in the US on shark cartilage and stop all sales of it in the US.  Based on what as I recall, opinion and little fact from what I read in all the news stories.  Dr Lane went on to produce a series of herbal supplements that also gave cancer a real blow as well as other degenerative diseases, but being on the radar as a quack, all of his work, products and manufacturing facilities were seized and he was carted off to spend time starring at 3 walls and a bunch of bars.

Check the link here:

You may want to pay very close attention to the wording on the linked page as it seeks to only discredit Dr Lane's research and is questionable at best.  In fact, you will note that a certain amount of Benefin was ordered to be saved from destruction for further trials.  Nothing has ever been heard about it since.

  You can still buy shark cartilage, but not in the way that Lane Labs produced it and the quality is very questionable.  It was the FTC that took out Dr Lane and not for scientific reasons.  But this is only one of many stories to come.  Stick around as we bring you a great deal more along with detailed information to consider.
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