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What Are Those Planes Spraying? Some Potential Serious Health Issues?

Water vapor contrails left by high-altitude je...
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Chem Trails, persistent con trails, whatever name you wish to call them or just call them con trails that seem to linger way to long and spread to create clouds that darken the sky.  Watch the air and one has to ask the question, where are all of these planes coming from and where are they going and why are there so many in the sky while air travel is down so much?

  All one has to do is look at the commercial air traffic that is reported from local major airports and the questions get more concerning.  Some will say that these are nothing more than water vapor.  Having grown up around one of the world's largest airports in NY, this simply is not true.  We never saw water vapor trails like this growing up.  So that excuse does not work out.  There are now companies that are making the claims to be able to alter weather and are called Weather Modification programs that do in fact spray the air with agents in order to alter the weather.


The above link shows one such company that makes this claim and shows limited pictures of planes with spraying apparatuses installed on their wings.

 http://climateviewer.com/geoengineering/  Very detailed information involving weather modification and engineering.

Based on this information, what we would also like to point out is the observable fact that the woman above in the UN Webcast video, was never once challenged about the information she was giving by anyone at that meeting.  We have seen claims on the video host page that she can not be believed for many reasons, not one supported by fact by those giving the opinion.  

  With this taken into consideration, there is reason to start digging into other areas such as climate change science and start asking a lot of questions there.  It could very well be that climate change science does have some valid points based on the alterations of weather modifications going on.  In other words, the science is validating the claims being made because they are also creating the issues?  It stands as a very valid question that needs addressing.

  It's also interesting to note that climate change science started at the same time as weather modification programs began as well as when cell phones started to be introduced to the world which is a coming article.  Companies involved in weather modification are not telling us what chemicals they are using to seed clouds and also are avoiding the issues that they are in fact creating the clouds overhead in may ways.  The blue skies many of us knew as children are now rarely seen as they often were when the elder of our population were children.  Our newer generation has no clue what the skies used to look like so this is normal for them to view the graying of blue skies.

  If we are to believe the woman in the video and look at some of the chemicals they are spraying, we are all in real trouble in more ways than one.  One chemical stated as being used is beryllium.  If this is in fact being sprayed above us, one should know exactly what is known about this metal.

   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beryllium  Link to wiki page on this substance.

From the wiki page: "Beryllium is chemically similar to magnesium and therefore can displace it from enzymes, which causes them to malfunction.[82] Chronic berylliosis is a pulmonary and systemic granulomatous disease caused by inhalation of dust or fumes contaminated with beryllium; either large amounts over a short time or small amounts over a long time can lead to this ailment. Symptoms of the disease can take up to five years to develop; about a third of patients with it die and the survivors are left disabled.[82] The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) lists beryllium and beryllium compounds as Category 1 carcinogens.

Acute beryllium disease in the form of chemical pneumonitis was first reported in Europe in 1933 and in the United States in 1943. A survey found that about 5% of workers in plants manufacturing fluorescent lamps in 1949 in the United States had beryllium-related lung diseases.[84] Chronic berylliosis resembles sarcoidosis in many respects, and the differential diagnosis is often difficult. It killed some early workers in nuclear weapons design, such as Herbert L. Anderson."

Reasons why it may actually be added into weather modification programs are as 


"Significant properties are high specific heat (1925 J·kg−1·K−1) and thermal conductivity (216 W·m−1·K−1), which make beryllium the metal with the best heat dissipation characteristics per unit weight. In combination with the relatively low coefficient of linear thermal expansion(11.4×10−6 K−1), these characteristics result in a unique stability under conditions of thermal loading.[5]"

The United States uses the vast majority of the world's production of this substance to the tune of 88% of all world production.  2013-2014 US weather shows one of the coldest winters in history while Europe had an exceptionally mild winter season.  It's a rather interesting correlation.  

Barium is said to be another substance used in spraying of our air.  Some interesting properties noted for barium and again, from Wikipedia.

"Barium is a soft, silvery-white metal, with a slight golden shade when ultrapure.[2]:2 The silvery-white color of barium metal rapidly vanishes upon oxidation in air yielding a dark gray oxide layer. Barium has a mediumspecific weight and good electrical conductivity.

Barium has only a few industrial applications. The metal has been historically used to scavenge air in vacuum tubes. It is a component of YBCO (high-temperature superconductors) and electroceramics, and is added to steel and cast iron to reduce the size of carbon grains within the microstructure of the metal.

Barium is chemically similar to magnesium, calcium, and strontium, being even more reactive. It always exhibits the oxidation state of +2.[2]:2 Reactions with chalcogens are highly exothermic (release energy); the reaction with oxygen or air occurs at room temperature, and therefore barium is stored under oil or inert gas atmosphere.[2]:2 Reactions with other nonmetals, such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon, and hydrogen, are generally exothermic and proceed upon heating.[2]:2–3 Reactions with water and alcohols are also very exothermic and release hydrogen gas

The barite reserves are estimated between 0.7 and 2 billion tonnes. The maximum production was achieved in 1981, at 8.3 million tonnes, and only 7–8% of it was used to make barium or its compounds.[2]:5 The barite production has again risen since the second half of the 1990s: from 5.6 million tonnes in 1996 to 7.6 in 2005 and 7.8 in 2011. China accounts for more than 50% of this output, followed by India (14% in 2011), Morocco (8.3%), US (8.2%), Turkey (2.5%), Iran and Kazakhstan (2.6% each)

Barium carbonate is a rat poison

Water-soluble barium compounds are poisonous. At low doses, barium ions act as a muscle stimulant, whereas higher doses affect the nervous system, causing cardiac irregularities, tremors, weakness, anxietydyspnea and paralysis. This may be due to the ability of Ba2+ to block potassium ion channels, which are critical to the proper function of the nervous system.[24] Other target organs for water-soluble barium compounds (i.e., barium ions) are eyes, immune system, heart, respiratory system, and skin.[23]They affect the body strongly, causing, for example, blindness and sensitization.[23]
Barium is not carcinogenic,[23] and it does not bioaccumulate.[25][26] However, inhaled dust containing insoluble barium compounds can accumulate in the lungs, causing a benign condition called baritosis.[27] For comparison to the soluble poisons, the insoluble sulfate is nontoxic and is thus not classified as a dangerous good."

Aluminum is also said to be used.  Here is information on aluminum.

"Because aluminium competes with calcium for absorption, increased amounts of dietary aluminium may contribute to the reduced skeletal mineralization (osteopenia) observed in preterm infants and infants with growth retardation. In very high doses, aluminium can cause neurotoxicity, and is associated with altered function of the blood–brain barrier.[73] A small percentage of people are allergic to aluminium and experience contact dermatitisdigestive disorders, vomiting or other symptoms upon contact or ingestion of products containing aluminium, such as antipersperants or antacids. In those without allergies, aluminium is not as toxic as heavy metals, but there is evidence of some toxicity if it is consumed in excessive amounts.[74] Although the use of aluminiumcookware has not been shown to lead to aluminium toxicity in general, excessive consumption of antacids containing aluminium compounds and excessive use of aluminium-containing antiperspirants provide more significant exposure levels. Studies have shown that consumption of acidic foods or liquids with aluminium significantly increases aluminium absorption,[75] and maltol has been shown to increase the accumulation of aluminium in nervous and osseus tissue.

Wikipedia noted the authors of the above information weasel worded the potential for medical negative issues in a way as to misrepresent the real potential problems associated with such.

Further:  "Aluminium is primary among the factors that reduce plant growth on acid soils. Although it is generally harmless to plant growth in pH-neutral soils, the concentration in acid soils of toxic Al3+ cations increases and disturbs root growth and function.[90][91][92][93]
Most acid soils are saturated with aluminium rather than hydrogen ions. The acidity of the soil is therefore a result ofhydrolysis of aluminium compounds.[94] This concept of "corrected lime potential"[95] to define the degree of base saturation in soils became the basis for procedures now used in soil testing laboratories to determine the "lime requirement"[96] of soils.[97]"

So if you are having issues with plants mysteriously dying, you may want to consider that what is being sprayed above, is contributing to death below.  Now one of the most compelling reasons to use aluminum in spraying:

" A fresh film of aluminium serves as a good reflector (approximately 92%) of visible light and an excellent reflector (as much as 98%) of medium and far infrared radiation."

In other words, it reflects the suns rays back up and off the planet.  With increased artificial clouding what is interesting to note is that this will increase Co2 levels.  Exactly what the global climate change scientists are telling us what is causing our current and future problems.  How convenient.  So on the one hand, the science looks like it is right, but then again, when it is being manufactured for the scientists to begin with, how could they be wrong?  End the spraying and bombardments and we end the problem?  Ya think?

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