Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? And Other Issues As Well?

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illin...
English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illinois, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We recently ran across this video and thought it had some interesting points that need some investigation and more research.  At present, the planet now has over 5 million cell phone towers emitting microwave radiation?  Over 4 billion people are now using cell phones on a regular basis?  About 70% of the world's honey bee population has now vanished and may be related to the cell phone towers?  Brain and other forms of cancer are being traced back to cell phone use?

  According to the documents you get with your cell phone, there is plenty of reason to believe that cell phone use offers the very real potential for serious health concerns.

The above is from the Life Extension Foundation regarding the serious threat from cell phone use due to electromagnetic field radiation.  According to the site, in 2007 there were over 2 billion cell phone users at that time.  So the amount of people with cell phones has doubled.

Another link showing the very real dangers of RF even if you do not have or use cell phones.  You are still at risk for very dangerous health problems even though you do not own or use a cell phone.

On the other side, laptops with the WiFi turned on offers potential concerns, Wifi itself also offers potential concerns as well as microwave oven use in your own home.  The question to ask is if one in 3 people on average are now developing cancer according to a video we posted yesterday, where are all of these cases coming from?  What have been the changes in society that would be contributing to these massive increases?  Also, why isn't there more alarm for these health issues?  And are there ways to protect yourself from EFR contamination?

Now this is where the story becomes even more bizarre.  The way that many people recommend that you protect yourself from all of the ERF's is by using orgone energy.  The above video explains what orgone is.  There is a lot of new companies that have sprung up whom are creating some wonderful works of art and calling it orgone energy.  Does it work?

Here is a video we found where the person who sells orgone sculptures claim it works.  I was not convinced by this video though.  Something just did not feel right about the information or testing he claimed to be doing.

The more I dig into the orgone protection, the more the BS meter keeps going up.  It's not to say that it does not work, it requires more research on our part.  If we come up with some sound reasons for these sculptures other than nice art we will let you know.
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