Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Are Police Becoming The Enemy of The People?

On July 1st, a CHP officer was caught on camera beating a woman off the 10 freeway. The officer had already pinned the woman to the ground, and then proceeded to viciouly punch her more than 11 times in the head.
The violence was unjustified. If this had beeen an incident between civilians, the assailant would have been charged with assault. Peace officers should be held to higher standards, not less, so the officer should be held criminally accountable.
The CHP claims to be conducting an internal investigation. However, from the get go, their official stance is "the video doesn't show everything". Nothing the video didn't show could justfiy the officer's violence, and the fact that CHP wants to find extenuating circumstances is worrisome. Moreover, the victim of this assault is locked up in psychiatric hold, while the perpetrator is only on paid leave, not suspended.
The police should put protecting public above protecting one of their own. But the citizens have reason to doubt whether CHP is truly committed to doing the right thing. We request the district attorney to step in because:
1. The public deserve a fair investigation.
2. Regardless of the CHP investigation's outcome, the officer still committed a crime.
3. When police inspire fear instead of trust, then the system no longer works. The community needs to see proof that the law officers are not above the law.

Update: I spoke with the woman's attorney Caree Harper on twitter. She said they also want to file a complaint to the DOJ because the victim's civil rights were also violated.

Our Notes:  The stories of police brutality have always been out there, but it seems like the issue is growing and not shrinking.  If you watch this second video, you are told exactly how to avoid becoming the next victim.  Simply Comply with what you are told.  You may be told that your rights are about to be highly violated, but as long as you comply, you will not get beaten?  That statement to simply comply was not at all sound advice based on the number of people who are having their rights violated by police throughout the country.  Those sworn to serve and protect are earning a very bad reputation throughout the nation these days thanks to post 9/11 fear mongering which seems to stem from the Fed's.

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