Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gloucester, VA Why Teachers Are Not Getting Raises?

The above school board vehicle was at Hardee's restaurant this morning, August 27th, 2014 at 8:24 AM.  Vehicle number was badly damaged and we could only make out 27 as in vehicle number two hundred and seventy something.  No rare state plate was visible on the vehicle at all.  The two guys inside were waving to us as we took their pictures.

The above pictured vehicle was seen yesterday at 7-Eleven across from Hardee's restaurant in the Courthouse Area.  This vehicle is registered to Dave Miller and the person in charge of this vehicle?  Dave Miller.  This van is seen all the time stopping everywhere.  We have more pictures of this van than any other county vehicle.  It belongs to the school board of course.

  No other county vehicles were seen at restaurants, stores or other quick market stores recently.  This would seem like one of many reasons teachers in Gloucester County Public Schools do not seem to get well deserved raises.  School board admin and support staff like to waste money.  Over the years, the school board has convinced the teachers that it's the Board of Supervisors who are responsible for teachers not getting raises and the school board each year marches a host of teachers and students before the board of supervisors to complain about not having enough money.

  What a scam in our view.  Let's look at some basic facts, the school board has been getting steady increases every year while student enrollment has been falling.  The school board has increased it's administrative staff to an enormous size, wasted millions of untold taxpayer dollars on renovating an old school for their own facilities that is way to large for their needs, but to small for all their wants, wasted even more millions building a new school that simply was not needed, all so certain people could get fatter checks all the while ignoring the basic needs of the teachers and hence, the students.  More typical hypocrisy from the top here in Gloucester County.  Waste at so many levels and we are fed a mantra that it's all for the children.  No it's not.  It's all for the few and screw you.  Buy their hype and BS all you want, it's not about the children no matter how many times they try and sell you that song.

  The waste must stop.  So we will keep digging and posting all that we find.  It's time for the teachers of Gloucester County to hold the school board accountable and stop buying the garbage they want to sell you.

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