Friday, August 29, 2014

Gloucester, VA Note To The Board of Supervisors, August, 2014

During the July 1, 2014 I spoke to you about things that needed to be fixed for all of the citizens. They are at the bottom as a reference.

I would like to focus on number 5 today:  “Bring County Ordinances into compliance with Virginia Code.  Mr. Wilmot can help you with this if not consider hiring a competent county attorney.”

It is a little known fact that the General Assembly and the Governor develop and pass new laws or codes, every year and they take affect on July 1, the start of the Virginia fiscal year.  The newspapers let “WE the People” know of these new codes or changes to existing laws in June so we are aware of the changes and will be in compliance on July 1st.  Is the County Attorney aware that these changes take place or the County Administrator?  Since “WE the People” know and are required to be in compliance on July 1st why are not the County Ordinances being updated and made available for a public hearing no later than the first August Board of Supervisor meeting so the county is in compliance?  In my opinion there should be a public hearing in the July meeting.

I have to wonder is the County Attorney and his assistant not capable of executing the requirements of their Jobs?  Are the responsibilities of the job too much for them? You would think ensuring the County is in compliance with United States Constitution and Federal Regulation; and Virginia Constitution and Codes would be number one on the list.  Mr. Thompson has even offered his services to assist the County Attorney in bringing County Ordinances into compliance and in response the County Attorney refuses to correspond with Mr. Thompson by email.  I have to wonder is the County Attorney still in Junior High School and not an adult?  Why do we have a number of County Ordinances that have never complied with Virginia Code, as pointed out by Mr. Thompson especially in regard to animal control?  Is there any connection with these illegal Ordinances and the stories Mr. Thompson is reporting on?

The next point does the County Administrator have over-site on what the County Attorney is doing?  In my opinion a reasonable person would believe the County Administrator’s Office would ensure the County Attorney’s office is aware that keeping County Ordinances in compliance with Virginia Codes may be important?  Are the responsibilities of the County Administrator’s Office too much for the current staff to handle?  Are the responsibilities of the job too much for them?

In my opinion maybe we need to replace the County Attorney and assistant; and the County Administrator and assistants; it appears the duties of their jobs are greater than they have the ability to accomplish with growing responsibilities of world we live in today.    In my opinion failing to execute their duties is a violation of their “Oath of Office” and grounds for removal but a competent Attorney may be needed to determine this.

Prior to the election all candidates for the Board of Supervisors got together at the Library to share what they would do if elected, Mr. Thompson has the audio on the web site.  The three new supervisors stated if they were told of County Ordinances that was not in compliance with Virginia Code they would fix it.  We are in violation of Virginia Code in many sections of our County Ordinances.  This needs to be fixed along with the underlying problems.  We expect you to keep your word.  Mr. Blake answered something to the effect that he is only one person.  I believe he did not become a supervisor.

Working on your next report card there is still time to improve your grade during this month recording period. 


Wayne Crews

P.S. “Here is what you to do:

1.  Integrity at the Board of Supervisors level.
Quit voting for things that benefit you over the county.

2.  Hold Department Heads and Supervisors to high standards and get rid of them when they break the rules.  You cannot hold lower level employees to high standards if they are not practiced at the higher levels.

3.  Fire employees on the spot if they use vehicles for personal business, except in the case of an emergency and the employee better contact the supervisors before the supervisor contacts them.  No shopping, banking, and fast food restaurants in county vehicles.  If trash is found in the vehicle from these places the employee needs to receive the same punishment.

4.  Quit wasting taxpayers money.  The Board of Supervisions and all county employees need to be good stewards of the resources.

5.  Bring County Ordinances into compliance with Virginia Code.  Mr. Wilmot can help you with this if not consider hiring a competent county attorney.” 

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