Thursday, December 18, 2014

DUI - What To Do If Stopped For DUI

We do not fully agree with this guy, but his initial advice is good.  Now let's look at some other areas as well.

Now there are some supposed gimmicks to beating a breathalyzer, one being peanut butter and another being vinegar and the last one being put a penny in your mouth.  These do not beat a blood test.  Now are blood tests legal?  Well, even though you may be told they are, chances are pretty good they are not.  Blood tests can be used legally against government employees, government contracting employees and citizens.  They are not legal against the people however.

  I would not want to bet on taking a breathalyzer using any of the above methods and would not take that test anyway for the obvious stated reasons.  Best way to avoid a DUI is not drink and drive in the first place.  Innocent people will get into trouble here though and this is why we are putting up this information as well as the fact that people do need to know your rights.  With the holidays being in full blast, police stops are far more frequent and what we consider illegal road blocks by policing agencies, more people will have their rights violated.

  No one has ever been able to show that the police have a right to create random road blocks and question any person who comes toward them.  They have the guns however, so you must exercise your rights with caution.  Know what you can do and keep yourself safe as well as them.

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