Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gloucester, VA Public Schools: ACLU Counter Complaint Filings

How many people are just sick to death of reading and hearing about the Gavin Grimm story?  The girl who claims to be a boy?  Sorry, the girl is a girl.  We don't care what medical excuses the parents and so called medical profession or the sickos at the ACLU want to call it.  Gavin Grimm is a biological female.

  This is nothing more than a plant for creating a very sick and perverted societal change that infringes on the inherent rights of the people.  We could care less about the civil rights claims of this girl as they hold no weight against the unalienable rights of the people and because of this we are in the process of filing multiple counter claims against the ACLU complaint already filed.

  At present we have 6 signed  counter complaints now going to the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division with mandates from the people to have the ACLU complaint thrown out as well as have Gloucester County Public Schools not even supply any form of alternative bathroom for this girl.  If she needs to use a bathroom, she will just have to use the girls room, like it or not.

  Otherwise she can just hold it.  We do not care.  If you would like to file a counter complaint, we have already created the document for you.  All you have to do is copy what we post below and make a few changes to the document below.  Just paste the following into any word processor software on your computer.  If you do not have one, download a free version of open office.  It's excellent.

(Your Name Here): In Propria Persona
One of the People of Gloucester, Virginia
(Your Address Here)
(Your Area),Virginia (23062)

December 25th, 2014

Educational Opportunities Section
U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Educational Opportunities Section, PHB
Washington, D.C. 20530

To Whom It May Concern;

   I, (Your Name Here) , am one of the people of Gloucester County, Virginia and come before you In Propria Persona, and am filing a counter complaint to the recent ACLU complaint filed with this office on December 18th, 2014 to which the ACLU creates it's opening complaint as follows:

“a complaint against Gloucester County Public Schools (“GCPS”) on behalf of Gavin Grimm. On December 9, 2014, the Gloucester County Public School
Board (the “School Board”) adopted a policy stating that the use of boys’ and girls’ restroom and locker rooms “shall be limited to the corresponding biological genders, and students with sincere gender identity issues shall be provided an alternative private facility.” Gavin, who is a tenth-grade student at Gloucester High School and a transgender boy, had been using the boys’ restroom facilities at school without any complaints from peers, prior to the adoption of this policy. GCPS adopted its “biological gender” policy in direct response to Gavin in order to prevent him from continuing to use boys’ facilities. The “biological gender” policy on its face and as applied to Gavin discriminates against Gavin on the basis of his sex in violation of Title DC of the Educational Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. § 168 1(a) (“Title IX”).”

My response to the above is that the ACLU has no grounds for argument here as any argument they present are in violation of the inherent rights of the people of Gloucester, Virginia. The inherent rights of the people supersede any civil rights complaints at every level and the people mandate that we do not consent to these complaints. Under the Constitution of the United States and the State of Virginia, it is the people who are the power and authority of government and that it is we who make the laws. As such we mandate that this agency before us throw out the entire complaint of the ACLU as having no weight against the wishes of the people.

We further mandate that the Gloucester County, Virginia Public Schools do not even create a segregated bathroom for the said person above and that the said person, being one Gavin Grimm, born of female persuasion, only be permitted to use a bathroom fitting her gender, being that of the female.

SEAL: (Your Name Here)                                              Notary Public:
In Propria Persona


Do not change the wording on any part of the document or you could mess up the meaning of it.  There are certain legal words used in here that are used by design to mean a very specific purpose.  For instance, In Propria Persona means that you are flesh and blood, not a fictitious entity and that you stand in the proper person.  That makes you one of the people.  Keep the zip code in ( ) as it separates a legal definition for federal zone.

  If you have no problems with what the ACLU is doing, then do nothing.  Let the ACLU handle the situation for you.  In the mean time, the rest of us are going to knock the ACLU out of the ball park and bury them.  Each suit they file in this matter will result in multiple counter suits filed against them.  

  We are not doing this for county officials, they messed all of this up big time.  We are doing it because it is a violation of our inherent rights and we will not tolerate such.  We will not tolerate the sick vulgar perverts at the ACLU that think it's just fine for girls to use the boys bathroom at their pleasure. 

Again, please feel free to copy the counter complaint above and send it to the address listed.  Each counter complaint lets the ACLU know that we will not tolerate abuses to our inherent rights.  No one else will tell you how to fight this.  But we will show you exactly how it is done and invite you to help.  You can make a difference.  Do Not Bury Your Head In The Sand!

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