Thursday, December 18, 2014

Don't Talk To Police: Know Your Rights

Straight from Virginia Beach, you have to love these folks.  This is a law university professor speaking to his students and has a special investigator with him, giving equal time, and they both agree, never talk to the cops.  Plead the 5th at all times no matter what the circumstances.  Why?  Anything you say can be twisted and used against you.  You are never required at any time to testify against yourself which also includes giving your name or ID to the police, even during a traffic stop.

  Now we know this is going to anger law enforcement, but it goes to show, we do have rights and even Judges are now agreeing with this information.

  It is not our intention to give law enforcement a headache, these folks are out there doing a very tough job.  Many of these folks would risk their lives to try and save yours.  That deserves a lot of respect.  I do not envy anyone in law enforcement these days as they are being taught that the people are the enemy and how to prey on the people, taking away the rights of the people.

  Don't fight with them.  Don't give away your rights either.  Try to keep the conversation as calm as possible for both your safety and theirs.  They are only trying to do their job, but their training is pitted against you.  It isn't their fault.
They are playing Judge Dredd and they are holding court with you on the spot, but that is what they are told they must do.  So you must know your rights and how to handle the situation.   Should you get arrested, we will cover that in later segments on this site.  We will show you how to fight back there as well.

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