Wednesday, April 22, 2015

York County Virginia's Racist General District Court And Judge Hudgins Place In It?

We fought the American Revolution to free ourselves from tyranny.  The American Revolution ended in York County, Virginia in Yorktown.  A beautiful area loaded with incredible American history and heritage.  The issues we see today is that tyranny is far from dead and is in fact alive and well and practiced in our court rooms each and everyday where justice simply does not prevail, but instead tyranny against the people flourishes unrestrained.

  I was in the General District Court witnessing some of the cases being held in that court on April 21st, 2015.  Judge Stephen Ashton Hudgins was presiding in the court and is the chief justice for the York County General District Court.  Even though this man may have been wearing a black robe, what I saw, he should have just worn his white sheet with the three common KKK letters on that sheet as well as the Commonwealth Prosecutor for York County.  (My opinion).

  Each person who appeared to be of African American decent, (Black to cut the politically correct garbage), that went before Judge Hudgins while I was there were all, what seemed to be, prosecuted to the full extant of the charges against them and held on the side for processing.  Now its by design that you can not hear what is going on with each case in that court room, so I can not say what each of them was charged with and what determination was used to prosecute them.  If you were white and dressed half way decent, you at least got to leave the court with having to pay your fees, fines, and or court costs.  Not one person was innocent no matter what.  No white people that I saw were held for processing.

  Those folks who were black were also treated with contempt if they so much as moved in a funny way by a female bailiff in that courtroom.  It was a very vulgar atmosphere in that courtroom.  I was there with a friend who was being, in my opinion, fraudulently charged by a trooper who according to the rules of the court, never signed two summons, traffic tickets, against her.  She filed two motions that the court and the Commonwealth fully ignored in violation of the rules of the court.  Judge Hudgins refused to acknowledge the filings as did the Commonwealth Attorney and they railroaded her with the full knowledge they did not have a case nor proper subject matter jurisdiction to do so.  Again, this is my opinion based on what I have read of the case and saw in the courtroom.


York County, Virginia General District Court Filing Traffic Court 

The above is a redacted copy of most of the paperwork that went before the court and to the Commonwealth Attorney.  The name of the person who was, again in my opinion, falsely charged, has been removed and some of the additional evidence that has little bearing on this story was redacted for privacy.  As shown before on this site, whenever any law-enforcement gives you a summons, including what is commonly referred to as a traffic ticket, the law-enforcement officer is required to sign that summons according to the rules of the court.  The rules they say you have to abide by when you go into court.  They are also supposed to abide by them but I have yet to see one court do so.

  Judge Hudgins it seems ignored the rules of the court and the rules of judicial conduct that all judges are required to uphold and the Commonwealth attorney it seems is also in violation of the rules of the court.  How is anyone expected to trust the courts with this kind of nonsense going on?  The courts are not fair.  They are corrupted from everything I am seeing.

  I recently found a form to file with the Department of Criminal Justice System here in Virginia.

The above linked PDF form can be used to file complaints against anyone in government whenever they violate your rights.  Judge Hudgins as well as the Commonwealth Attorney seemed to have violated the civil rights of the person in the above case as well as the civil rights of a number of folks of what appears to be of African American decent.  They appear to have been very racist.  The ACLU should try sitting in this courtroom for a few days to observe cases and see if they see the same issues I am describing here.  I am going to file a complaint with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice System over these issues.

  I even recognized a Federal Government Employee sitting in the courtroom who also appeared to be watching cases and going through what looked like a law notebook.  What he may report could prove to be interesting.  Is it that there are known issues within this court as I am presently describing and its being looked at very closely?  One can only hope.

  Again, these are my observations and opinions.  They are not meant to be taken as legal advice or considered in any way as practicing law.  I am not an attorney with the BAR in any state.  What I am is disgusted with what I am witnessing in the courtrooms around Virginia as are a growing number of people whom I am in contact with.

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