Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Whirlwind of Events

The past several months have been a whirlwind of spectacular events all around the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.  Above is a picture taken Friday evening, June 7th, 2015 of the L'Hermione in Yorktown.  It was the maiden voyage from France to the United States and Yorktown was the first stop.

L Hermione at Yorktown, Virginia 2015 from Chuck Thompson

We scanned in the brochure that was given away at the event as well as a copy of the boarding pass.  Take a look to learn more about the L Hermione.

We spend 4 days in Yorktown taking pictures of all the events and shows going on.  We took over 3,000 pictures and some HD video that we still need to process and get up.  The above is some art we created from the event.

The weekend before that was the Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival.  3 days of non stop entertainment.  We only went on Sunday for a few hours but still managed over 700 photos from the event.  We have them up on Google + and Flickr.

If you are a history buff, the events are non stop fun.  Pirates are the most fun to work with when it comes to photography.  Many of them are real hams.  Above is a few of the folks from the Motley Tones.  The female is Ring Tone pictured above and in the background purposely  messing up the photo is Flintz Tone.  I love those names.  They have real character.  You can visit their website at

The weekend before that was several great events for history buffs.  Civil war reenactments in Yorktown and American Revolution reenactments in Gloucester at the Courthouse Circle.

We managed over 1,500 photos between these two events.  Talking about a lot of shooting.

And a few weeks prior to these was a Pirate invasion in Yorktown.

At this one we only created about 300 photos total.  We were there more for the enjoyment of the event than to shoot anything.  But I just can't resist taking a bunch of pictures anyway.

Virginia is graced with a host of incredible places to visit and events to attend throughout the entire year.  For us, we love history so that is usually where you will find us the most.  We make a lot of friends at these events and share our works as much as possible.

And then there is always the fun of taking pictures where ever you are.  Events or not.

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