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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Violet’s Rant; Democrats Love Making Fools Of Democratic Voters

Well, I wasn't sure exactly what to say this morning but thanks to some knucklehead I am going to throw this at you..... Ignorance is bliss and that's what democrats like.....keeping you uninformed and even worse misinformed. The Governor here in VA has pictures of himself in Blackface on his yearbook... and went as Michael Jackson for Halloween, yet no one says anything....because he's a democrat... yet we know if Donald Trump did that, that would be proof he's a racist right? We currently have 3 anti-American Muslims in our congressional office who are democrats and want to allow anyone in to our country and want to open borders and change our one says anything because they are democrats..... Trump has brought prayer back into the White House. He is working towards stopping abortions that take the lives of babies who could live on their own, has decreased unemployment... which could actually give welfare recipients their dignity back and increased the stock market which has renamed us the "Superpower." He is building the wall to keep criminals out and protect YOU. And is supporting our police officers who are in jeopardy of democrat induced hate everyday they work. And you don't see the riots and looting in the streets since he has taken office. Yes, I guess I'd rather have Trump, than a double standard party that says one Governor can go as a black face but a president is prejudice even when there's no evidence of it!!! Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, the man who is responsible for freedoms of people of color. Teddy Roosevelt was a democrat and he was a member of KKK . Please stop listening to people, do your research for crying out loud. You are listening to what people are telling you!!!! You saw Mr. Cummings funeral.... Hillary and Obama made it political..... Trump didn't! Democrats want you to hate, so you won't see beyond that. They want to bring the plantation back... it’s called the government plantation!!! Everything is free but you! It doesn’t care if you're black or white. If you're poor they want to keep you poor. I want jobs for my grandchildren not welfare and my guess is you do too! Now, look at the Democratic Clinton's friends... Anthony Weiner, multiple charges on child pornography, Jeffrey Epstein who just committed suicide by murder in prison for child molestation and Jerry Bean, Obama's friend, who was just charged for sexually abusing young boys. And you think this is a coincidence? GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND STOP BEING LED BY LIARS like Schiff who has publicly lied to you yet he's hanging out with Pelosi, Harris, Yang and Waters who are letting their state burn to the ground!!!! and .....Hilary who hid 30,000 emails from the FBI......WHY? and Bill who "did not have sex with that woman" BUT DNA DON'T LIE!!!! The democrats love making fools of democratic voters and I am afraid you have been misinformed and you are a part of their campaign to hold you down and keep you down. I will be at the polls early and just as I did last election... I will spend the day praying for my country and those who are being manipulated.

God bless and be wise.

By: Violet Holland

Friday, October 5, 2018

America Is Waking Up….... Now is the time for "We The People" to take action.

Freedom; a word that is the foundation of a republic founded by our forefathers over 230 years ago and while the United States is not the only country in the world with freedom we as Americans celebrate and cherish this privilege every day and sorrowfully a lot of people overlook the freedom that we have. Along with freedom also comes the word respect because our republic’s constitution was written on compromise and respect.
Over the years we had our battles within our country regarding tyranny, slavery, racial and civil rights and these disagreements were bloody and long, but we worked through the issues only after thousands of people died fighting for what they thought was right. Whether the tyranny of King George or the tyranny of the northern armies during the War Between the States, people died fighting for a cause, unity and respect and while minorities such as the Irish, the Asians or the Africans were not treated fairly for many years they have taken steps forward in equality.
In the past 10 – 15 years a new battle has reappeared to the front stage of our country and the world. We are fighting another war not with guns and close combat (yet) but in the political arena of county, state and federal governments. Republicans and Democrats are at odds at all levels of government spending the people’s money and making decisions that are not in the best interest of the people, the same people that these politicians are supposed to be working for and representing. People are protesting in the chambers of congress and the senate and in some cases these protests are violent and the appalling matter that disturbs me is the amount of lies being fabricated to justify the agenda of their political party. Totally sickening that we as a respected people on the world stage that our elected officials have stooped to such low levels, demonstrating how corrupt we as a nation have become and we as the people are allowing this to happen.
Today we argue about our President and while the Democrats deny his election they must recognize that he is our President. Our elected officials are charged with making decisions for the good of the people and not for the good of the vote or their political career. While due diligence must be exercised when confirming appointed positions, the people demand that the Constitution drafted and adopted by our forefathers, be followed and not used as a guideline. We the people deserve better and we the people demand that people start acting responsibly and while just saying this is not going to make it happen we the people must demand equal and fair treatment under the law and we need to make a statement to the governing body that treason, perjury and intentional defamation will not be tolerated and needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, setting an example that these activities will no longer be tolerated by the people.
In November mid-term election are going to take place and a swing of power could take place and while I am not suggesting or endorsing any one particular party or position, but I encourage everyone reading this to research the candidates and their platforms. America is waking up to all the corruption and scandals in Washington, Richmond and Gloucester. We the People need to stand together and forget white, black and racial differences because if they divide us as a people they have conquered us as a people, we will lose our rights, freedom and respect, not only on the world stage but with each other. It is time for America to wake up the sleeping beast that we are and strengthen our country, state and county. It is time for America to wake up, are you ready?
Your Humble Servant
Silence Dogood Lives