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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gloucester, VA Officials Dupe Taxpayers With Simple Shell Game Trick

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The first video shows Gloucester, Virginia officials discussing the new school bond issues.  The second video shows what they have really done.  Think we are kidding?

 Let's expose the trick they pulled on everyone last night.

Issue:  School board needs money to pay for school building repairs.  Sounds legitimate right?

Trick: school board had the money for those repairs, spent the money on closing down a school they said we didn't need and took the money for needed repairs and spent it on converting school to new office space for themselves. Now they need that money back for repairs to existing schools. It's like taking money needed for a home repair and spending it on a cool Rolls Royce and still needing the money for the home repairs.

You no longer have the money for the repairs, but you still need the money for repairs, but hey, at least you have one of the coolest cars on the road.
Issue: School board needs money to build new school.
Trick:  Again, they closed another school they said we didn't need and turned it into office space they didn't need.  Talk was already brought up of potentially closing yet another school.  But we still need this new school in the swamp.

Issue:   New school being built on swamp.

Trick:  Local attorney owns over one thousand acres of land across the street from where new school is to be built.  Bet he figures that now is a ripe time to start developing that one thousand acres across from school for new housing in prime location that was not so prime before.

  Sound reason to not build school in old location, not a benefit to local attorney with deep pockets and plenty of influence. The shell game has been well played and now the taxpayer gets to foot the bill because you did not keep your eye on the pea.  It's not about the children and their education as the officials would have you think.

That's the trick.  It's about growing government, growing personal positions within government, and charging the taxpayers for the growth and playing to special interests.  And now you know.
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