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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SpeakUp Gloucester

Gloucester County, Virginia's local government is currently promoting SpeakUp Gloucester. SpeakUp is a way for the People of Gloucester to publicly bring their complements, concerns, suggestions and opinions to the attention of our local government. It is likely input provided by the People on SpeakUp will be considered when our local government employees and elected representatives make decisions. I am personally encouraging all Gloucester People who do not want to see larger local government, higher taxes, an out of control public school system or more local government control over what you can do with your land to visit and become familiar with SpeakUp Gloucester and sign up by providing a user name and password. To visit SpeakUp click on this link: SpeakUp Gloucester or copy and paste the following in the address bar of your browser:

Kenny Hogge, Sr.
Gloucester Point, Virginia

Monday, January 19, 2015

How To Beg for Money From Your Local Government

In the above Gloucester County section of this video, you get to see how to properly beg for money from the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors.  You send up a pretty woman with that Barby Doll look and you smoke screen the folks with bizarre concepts such as having provided an incredible gift somehow bestowed on the county, such as the space that the county rents from you for one of the public libraries in the area.  (Yes, this is what the folks at the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust tell us, the space that the county rents from them was a gift to the county.)

  A gift to the county that we must pay for.  If it were not for government rents at their shopping center, the place would crumble to nothing and these folks have the audacity to tell us they gave us a gift?  But the entire Board of Supervisors buy into this little game anyway.  How foolish they are.  You have to watch the clip to the end and watch the hilarity of two of the board member speaking or should we say, attempting to speak to the issue of the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust, begging for taxpayer money.

  Robert, JJ, Orth starts to speak, but is being, what appears, as less than honest.  Listen to his voice.  The lips can lie, but the body cannot.  Mr Orth is stumbling with his words and using um and uh sounds and sounds very dry.  These are key features that would highly suggest that he is being less than honest.

  Next we have John Meyer who has different tells.  He also seems to be less than honest and forthright.  His hand moves towards his mouth as though to say he should not be saying what he is saying.  We agree with that gesture when looking at it all in these terms.

  Now if you will also note, the board never votes to fund the project the Gloucester Main Street Preservation People begged for.  Instead, the board just agrees to give them their begged for plea.  The local paper did such a nice cover up story on all of this.  Why didn't they vote?  Because of the potential for a conflict of interest.  The new chair, Ashley Chriscoe is on the Board of the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust and it would be a very clear conflict of interest for him to vote on this matter.  Why didn't he just excuse himself and let the others vote?  Because each one of them could, by reason, of a new election that happened latter that evening, become the next person on the Board for the GMSPT, creating yet another conflict of interest.

  So did this prevent the conflict of interest from occurring?  No.  They all agreed to fund it anyway.  They just did not vote on it.  That is why the uncomfortable little dance.  By the way, giving away money like that is a violation of Constitutional laws.  Thanks.  Each of you took an oath to uphold the US and Commonwealth of Virginia Constitutions and each of you have violated that oath over and over and over again.  And they wonder why people hate the county government so much?  Really?

  Wait until you see some of the other crap these folks pulled in this one meeting.  More to come.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gloucester, VA Woodville Park, What You Don't Know

We are once again bringing up the Board of Supervisors meeting to point out that the majority of the first hour was an amazing puppet show of people trying every way they could to convince the Board of Supervisors that the new Wooodville park needs sewer run down to the park in order for the community to have some place to go and play or something to that effect.  These people want the taxpayers to fork over money for a park that was accepted by a past Board of Supervisors under the condition that the park would NOT cost the taxpayers any money.

  Well when you have a few select individuals that may just benefit from sewer going to the park at taxpayer expense, it might be worth putting up the fight to argue the park needs taxpayer money so that the few do not have to pay the expense of getting sewer which would raise the  value of property in the area that is up for sale.

Woodville Park Area, Gloucester, VA, Overlay Map from Chuck Thompson

The map above shows property around the Woodville park that would benefit from sewer being run to the park.  They would then be able to hook up to the sewer line for much less than having to pay to run the line down themselves.  A question comes up and has been asked if the park may have been donated in order to get taxpayers to pay for county services instead of paying to run lines themselves.  It would possibly be a much cheaper option to pull off if it would have worked.

  The local paper seems to support the idea that the Board of Supervisors did not act in the best interest of the people because they did not fund the sewer line.  The arguments at the meeting were that this park is exactly what the children of this county need.  Claims that Gloucester County lacks proper parks was stated over and over.  Never mind that Abingdon Community park is capable of fulfilling the needs of a sports complex park.  But we are told that the community park at Abingdon is owned by the school board.  Never mind that it already has water, sewer and or septic and electricity.  It also has lighting too.

  But let's buy the argument that the Abingdon park is owned by the school board, thus not available as a sports complex park for county residents and others outside of Gloucester County.  What everyone failed to look at is Ark Park.  A full sports complex with soccer fields galore, basketball court, baseball diamond, bathrooms, water, sewer or septic and electricity as well.  It has 3 dedicated soccer fields, two make shift fields and room for two more fields or a football field, baseball diamond, amphitheater or camping area.

But wait!  How many soccer fields does the county need?  We found yet another area with multiple soccer fields and it's right in the courthouse area.

This is right across the street from McDonald's which is located on route 17.  This soccer field is on the small dirt road that goes to the Gloucester County Golf Course.  Now these fields do not have lights, bathrooms, running water or other desired amenities but it offers yet more fields that were being complained that the children of this county must simply have in order to enjoy a decent quality of life here in Gloucester.  Is anyone's BS meter going into overdrive yet?

How many parks does Gloucester County need?  The moment you get into the county, you already have 2 parks.  Gloucester Point Beach and Tyndall's Point Park.  Then we have Abingdon Community park.  Now Woodville Park,  Beaver Dam's 2 parks, a proposed state park up by the Rosewell Ruins, Ark Park, and still another park in Ark in commemoration of Powhatan and Pocahontas.  That is a total of 8 parks for a county with less than 40 thousand people.  Most of the parks are not even used in the county most of the time.  Yeah, we need more parks and should spend every penny we can and a lot more to support everything that everyone wants so that maybe one day, someone will actually use something.

Don't get us wrong.  We appreciate Woodville park and all the work that the community has put into it.  We just do not buy the arguments to spend a bunch of taxpayer money, especially in this economy, on parks or other areas that look like the money spent would only benefit the few instead of the majority.

What The Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal Didn't Tell You, July 10th, 2014

New Superintendent Lays Out "Plan of Entry" is the title of the one article in the paper pictured above.  We are not going to reprint the article by any means.  If you have already read the article, then there is no sense is rehashing it.  If you have not read the article, then you can always go to the newspaper's website.

  What we have a problem with here and everywhere else we have looked including the Gloucester School Board website is who the stakeholders are claimed to be and mainly, who is left out.  And what is the most disturbing is exactly who has been left out.  No reason to delay who has been left out, it's the taxpayers.  The taxpayers, those of us who pay for the entire system are not even considered stakeholders in education.  But don't take our word for it, look at the plan for yourself.  Exactly how do the folks at the local newspaper manage to miss the obvious right in front of them and not ask the questions as to why the taxpayers are not considered stakeholders?

Gloucester, VA School Board Sup Plan of Entry July 2014 from Chuck Thompson

Now one has to ask, does the local school board think that little of the taxpayers?  It would appear to be since they are wasting your tax dollars as fast as they possibly can.  We continue to see the waste each week.

 Vehicle number 273, Driver, D Miller, School Board, Department, Facilities Services, Reports to Dave Miller, July 21st, 2014 time, 7:21 AM.  Location spotted, Hardees Restaurant.  This is a very clear pattern of behavior for this driver.

The above vehicle we still can not get the number on but again, the vehicle belongs to the Public School system.  July 21st, at 8:33AM.

Vehicle number 284, Public Schools, July 21st, 2014.  Time, 9:17 AM.  Went inside McDonald's to have breakfast.  This was not even a drive through quick order.  This is Dave Miller the person in charge of Facilities Services.  No wonder his employees are all over the place.  They are only doing what their boss is doing but not as bad as he does.

  Maybe the Board of Supervisors should take away one hundred thousand dollars of funding per school board vehicle seen in local stores, restaurants and banks where the employees are using government vehicles for personal use, per incident.  We highly recommend the county seriously consider installing GPS tracking in all county vehicles.  This way, if a county employee is seen being someplace they do not belong, the county can actually shut down the vehicle on the employee.  This way the county also always knows where all the employees are and what they should be doing.

Now another area where this gets even worse in our view is with the new contract between the superintendent and the school board.  If you have not read that contract, maybe you should.  See section V on page 3.  The school board is allowing the new superintendent to use a government vehicle for personal use.  Never mind that this appears to be prohibited at the local level, state level and federal level as well.

Walter R. Clemons 3 Year Contract (7-1-2014-6-30-2017) Gloucester, VA from Chuck Thompson

We have filed a complaint with the IRS over the above contract as it appears to be very much in violation with IRS codes as well as Federal, State and local laws, codes and or ordinances.  Maybe we can stop this madness and send a message to the school board that we will not tolerate their complete disregard for the taxpayers and their continuous waste of our money.  We have also included the personal use of government vehicles in the complaint as this needs to end.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gloucester, VA Officials Dupe Taxpayers With Simple Shell Game Trick

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The first video shows Gloucester, Virginia officials discussing the new school bond issues.  The second video shows what they have really done.  Think we are kidding?

 Let's expose the trick they pulled on everyone last night.

Issue:  School board needs money to pay for school building repairs.  Sounds legitimate right?

Trick: school board had the money for those repairs, spent the money on closing down a school they said we didn't need and took the money for needed repairs and spent it on converting school to new office space for themselves. Now they need that money back for repairs to existing schools. It's like taking money needed for a home repair and spending it on a cool Rolls Royce and still needing the money for the home repairs.

You no longer have the money for the repairs, but you still need the money for repairs, but hey, at least you have one of the coolest cars on the road.
Issue: School board needs money to build new school.
Trick:  Again, they closed another school they said we didn't need and turned it into office space they didn't need.  Talk was already brought up of potentially closing yet another school.  But we still need this new school in the swamp.

Issue:   New school being built on swamp.

Trick:  Local attorney owns over one thousand acres of land across the street from where new school is to be built.  Bet he figures that now is a ripe time to start developing that one thousand acres across from school for new housing in prime location that was not so prime before.

  Sound reason to not build school in old location, not a benefit to local attorney with deep pockets and plenty of influence. The shell game has been well played and now the taxpayer gets to foot the bill because you did not keep your eye on the pea.  It's not about the children and their education as the officials would have you think.

That's the trick.  It's about growing government, growing personal positions within government, and charging the taxpayers for the growth and playing to special interests.  And now you know.
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