Saturday, January 24, 2009

15 Arrested In Mathews County On Drug Charges

The news story is presently at the bottom of this site. The link is here to read the story; Daily Press News
Well if any of them need a lawyer, they can find the link on this site to a good number of lawyers who might be able to help them.

These are probably very decent normal people with a very bad business plan. The Drug business isn't a good one no matter how you look at it. (Even in the legal sense). I feel bad for these folks as their lives have now been ruined and it has also affected their families as well. Jail time is no picnic nor are the court dates and trials. Tough times may call for some innovative thinking, but not in the manner that can ruin your life, the life of your family and also the life of your friends, customers, and their families as well. More people are affected by these acts than one may ever give consideration to.

Sure, sometimes life sucks. Drugs are not the answer. On the other side of this coin though, if drugs were legal, then this wouldn't have even happened. Something has to change within our overall system. I'm not going to claim to have those answers, but this story is all to common. Arrest the drug dealers? Why not go after the drug manufacturers? Those folks are the real terrorists. By the way, heroin comes mostly from the middle east does it not? Besides, I myself would be more concerned with how the illegal drugs got here in the first place more than arresting the ones trying to deal it. I'm not defending the actions of those arrested, but one has to look at the bigger picture in order to resolve the real issues. 15 arrested today and 1,500 ready to take their place tomorrow. So what was resolved? The flow is still coming in. Small time dealers are nothing and easily replaced. Where's the source? Just a question.

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