Thursday, January 22, 2009

Firewood Delivered To Your Home, Gloucester, VA

If you are in need of firewood, I have a few contacts here for you to consider. Doug Bristow here in Gloucester can take care of your needs. Phone number to place an order is 757-593-2377, and his brother Jeff Bristow, phone 757-870-6360 for the rest of the Peninsula are the ones to call. Prices are as follows, $150.00 per cord, $85.00 per half cord or $50.00 per half cord if you haul it yourself. (Additional delivery charges may apply depending on where you live, call for a quote). The wood is seasoned and mixed. No pine. We have called them and had a load delivered to us. Doug was the one who came to our house and delivered the wood. Very prompt and polite. He called us before coming over and delivered the wood within the exact time frame we had requested earlier in the week.

The wood was dumped where we requested it and we stacked it ourselves. Each piece is cut to fit in any fireplace without any problems. To say the least, we are very pleased with the overall service and will be ordering again. When we found these brothers, we had also contacted some other people who were advertising they sold wood and would deliver it to you, some were cheaper, but none of them ever responded back. This is another reason these guys have won our business. Makes a difference.


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