Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 Bucks Fresh "Moldy" Pizza?

This is an article I hate writing for the simple reason that I like the folks over at 5 Bucks Pizza. At one point they made the best white pizza in Gloucester. However, consistently for the past year, their $5.00 pizza taste like moldy cheese. It also smells like moldy cheese. I complained about this to them several times but they always deny it. The last few times we got pizza there, it made us sick. So we stopped going to this establishment and have been in search of a good pizza place since. There are plenty of places where the pizza isn't bad, it's just not great pizza. When we have to have great pizza, it's usually off to Yorktown. No one in Gloucester musters up that we have found yet. So our search is on. 7-Eleven's 90 second pizza isn't fully cooked in 90 seconds and is horrible. So that too is a pass. Who makes great pizza in Gloucester?

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