Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Girl, 72 Ft Ship Goes Up In Smoke

We were shocked this week when we saw the new edition of the Gazette - Journal newspaper. On the front cover of the paper is a picture of Summer Girl, a 72 foot long ship that went up in blazes on Monday. We were at the Marina on Saturday and this ship had caught our eye along with a few others. We took a series of pictures of the ships that had our fancy. The above slide show starts out with pictures of Summer Girl so you can see what she looked like before the fire.

She was listed as having been from Smithfield, Virginia. Even though she was an older ship, she was still a beauty and well maintained. The 35 foot sport boat next to her we did not photograph but we did get pictures of the ship on the other side of her which was the Lazzara. That was my pick for the day as my favorite little Yacht. Our condolences to the owner(s) of this ship.

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