Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vehicle Flip Accident On 17 By 7-Eleven, Across From Ollie's.

We drove by this accident at about 4:10PM today where a vehicle traveling south on 17 somehow flipped over. The above picture is fuzzy as we took it as we were driving by in the opposite direction. We hope whomever was in there is alright. This happened right next to 7-Eleven, across from Ollie's where the old Wal Mart was. This is a good time to mention how we feel about talking on a Cell Phone or texting someone while driving is a very dangerous and possibly a deadly thing to do. We are NOT saying this is the cause of this accident. We are voicing an issue we deal with every day. I have personally come close to being hit on nearly a daily basis because people are to busy on their phones to pay attention to the road and their surroundings.

I praise the people who pull over to talk on the phone if they have to. It shows a very high regard to all others. If you are going to drive, turn your cell phone off. Nothing is worth your life.

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