Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gloucester Burger King Now Serving Rancid Food?

We decided to grab a quick bite and stopped off at the local Burger King. I ordered the fish sandwich. It was dark brown and dripping with grease. It tasted nasty. I brought it back and the staff was more than courteous and made another fresh sandwich for me. That too was just as greasy, dark brown and foul tasting. The reason for this is simple. Rancid oil. I had to bring the sandwich back yet one more time and they offered to make yet another one. I declined the offer and they offered me anything else off their menu. I accepted and got a burger this time. Not going into the deep fryer there.

The staff at the restaurant was more than friendly and kind, but what gets me is when owners of a place like this try to pinch pennies and use oil for well past it's expiration. This is not only dangerous, it's potentially deadly. (See Dr Mercola's site on rancid oils). The problem with fast food oils is it goes rancid very fast. This is a major cause behind heart attacks, strokes and cancer according to health officials everywhere. If you frequent this establishment, you may want to avoid anything deep fried until they resolve this issue. Which leads me to my next article on 5 Bucks Pizza.

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