Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fraudulent Audio Recordings Produced By Gloucester County Authorities?

The above video clip was produced to show you how easy it is to produce and manufacture false evidence.  It is no longer our opinion that Gloucester Animal Control File DW_C0152 is a complete fraud, it's our contention of such.  In our last article we told you that we would be publishing the audio where Gloucester Authorities manufactured the wording for the fake search warrant, but that we would also include the forensic audio audit with such.  Well here it is.

Just listening to the first part of the audio clip you will hear a lot of issues.  The second part only contains 4 forensic audio audits.  More can be produced from this less than one minute clip.  Again, to be fair, I removed one little section of the clip where Gloucester Authorities use the victim's address.  Because this is a victim, we are protecting this person.  Again, I can produce these same results using the county's copy of the audio.  The next article will shed more light on the fake search warrant.

  It's sad.  I can continue to spend months and produce a huge amount of forensic evidence that file DW_C0152 if a complete fraud.  I already have over 40 hours into the audio now.

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