Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gloucester County Has Us Speechless - Sends Evidence Of False Search Warrant?

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From our requests through the Freedom of Information Act, Gloucester County just sent us most of the information we have been looking for.  For the most part, this is enough for us.  What they sent us and we received today has us pretty much speechless.  Above an updated version of the search warrant has been sent to us.  Look at the bottom right hand corner.  The search warrant was filed, hence validated at 3:14 PM on May 4th, 2010.  Below,in our last post, you hear Steve Baranek state he was on the property at 9:06 AM which was May 4th, 2010.  You also see Sgt Paul Emanuele also stated he was on the property at 8:58AM as well as others on the property already.  There was no search warrant at this time.  No search warrant existed.  It's right in front of us.  This search warrant was not valid to begin with and they sent us the proof of such.  The original affiant was NOT reliable.  Evidence is in our possession and we have now put this evidence into various areas of the cloud for protection.

  The original complaint shows that the original complainant went into areas of the defendant's home that were not within his work zone.  Therefore the original complainant conducted an illegal search.  The county had a legal obligation to check that but did not.  This invalidates the search warrant in and of itself.  Even though the  the search warrant was invalid, the search warrant was not created until many hours after both Animal Control and The Gloucester County Sheriff's Office were invading this property.

I have been told that both the DOD and Homeland security are monitoring this site.  I hope they are now monitoring this post.  On the one hand, this closes the case, on the other hand, this is also where the case begins.  I have a lot more evidence that Gloucester Animal Control audio file DW_C0152 is completely fabricated, I will show further that the 911 call is a complete fabrication.  If there were in fact a search warrant or even valid evidence for a search warrant, which we now know is wrong, why would Gloucester County go through so much trouble to fabricate these audio recordings?

  As I have already said, our inside person in the Gloucester County Sheriff's office told us, this was not the purpose of why they were there.  This started off as a "Fun Raid", and it was meant to also produce another end result.  Here is what went wrong during the "Fun Raid."  One of the sheriff's deputies found the defendant/occupant - now victim, in bed, asleep.  When news of this got out, the off duty deputies did not know what to do.  Animal Control was called in to take over the raid because the victim has animals.  Animal Control was happy to help out.

  Your tax dollars hard at work against you and are we really protected?  Are the criminals wearing the badges in this town?  The implications are enormous.  Is anyone safe from being raided?  Does this mean that every criminal case must now be re evaluated?  Every person in Gloucester County should be very concerned here.

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