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Gloucester, VA Links and News - The Rights of The Citizenry

Political History, The Rights of The Citizenry;" target="_blank">Political History, The Rights of The Citizenry;
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As part of our ongoing series of historical sayings quotes and political history, we present to you, "The Rights of The Citizenry."  With contributions by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Henry D Thoreau.  We have a huge surprise coming very soon.  We'll let you in early on what we have under construction.  We are working on a custom version of Beacon's Rebellion.  Beacon's Rebellion is a very big part of Gloucester History and the information on line is simply horrible.  We are going to have a free download of our own custom version with local area pictures.

  So far the e-book is 70 pages total.  We will offer a free license with this e-book as well.  So it can be used on any site or printed and used as a promo for local area businesses and or government projects.  Look for it as a side bar item towards the end of the week.  Which reminds us, to our reader feed friends, thank you for putting us in your reader feeds, may we recommend you visit the site again as we have added a huge amount of features that you do not want to miss.  More free e-books, more music downloads, extra pages with all kinds of databases and directories, site and news submission areas and a link to one of our sites with a great mix of free software.  We continue to add features that we think you might find helpful.  SO the next time you have a minute, come back and explore the site.

Free MP3 Album download - J S Bach - Some well produced classical music.  We offer a full range of music genre's as we have a full range demographic audience and we try to offer something for everyone.  This is Russian produced and outstanding.  Click Here for your free copy.  Again, it's an entire album, not just a single song or a few songs.  You are going to need to visit our software site to make sure you can use the downloaded files.  We have converted everything over to ISO files in a zipped folder to ensure against malware.

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